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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Catching Up

Wow summer just flew by and was a great few months!   Now I'm excited for the cooler days ahead. We love fall!  Brian's been gearing up for hunting season and I'm excited to stock our freezer again.

Summer was busy and fun.  We didn't plan or travel for vacation but instead saved money and had two short "stay-cactions" at the beginning and end of summer.  My sisters and their kiddos came to visit us in August which was a blast!  We had a full house and had lots of fun and cuddles with the kids.
Summer for Police work is always the busiest, hottest, and longest days.  You pretty much get drafted to work several extra shifts a week, so the 6 days you are working turns into 60+ hours a shift.  And that's just my shift, Brian did totally opposite hours and days and extra overtime.  So we always know summer just means hard work and not much relaxing or socializing.  If we weren't around much it's because we were either sleeping or working =)

So I thought I had our schedules planned out but in this job there is never any consistency, so Brian has been back on the midnight shift for the past month.  It could be permanent, we are waiting for his orders and assignment to come through.  Thankfully Brian sleeps really good through the day so he's hanging in there and hasn't been too exhausted.  It's been challenging for me because after sleeping at night, all I want to do is curl back up with Brian when he goes to bed and sleep all day with him...haha I know I can't sleep all the time but it's tough not be together again.  

Here are some of my favorite memories from the past few months:

In July, Grandpa Arnold passed away to be with the Lord.  
We were able to go and stay a few days in West Virginia to be with the family. 
It was a very special time.

I loved watching my sisters interact with their children.  
They are such caring and loving Mothers, it's so endearing.  
I'm so proud of them!

 Sister Love

 Hubby love

They clean up very well

Fun times at Auntie Laura's home! 

We have started the kitchen project!  It's taking much longer then we excepted!  But it's going to be beautiful, organized, clean, and fresh!  
  Right now we are living in a construction zone but thankfully our plumbing is working 
so I don't have to keep doing the dishes in the bath tub.

Can't wait to reveal the finished project.  We are finishing up the small details and still painting!  

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  1. It's been so long! I'm glad to hear you guys are well (though exhausted and sleep deprived!). I can't wait to see the kitchen!