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Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 2014

 March 2014

We have our sights set on warmer weather and springtime!  I loved winter and enjoyed all the snow, however we have so many new projects to get started on that require warmer temperatures!  
I started up running again this month.  I've been running a mile a day which is a good start for me.

Our running spot at Greenbury Point during Sunset

One of my goals this year is to enjoy more hobbies and learn new skills.  I started this "quilting" project OVER a decade ago and it's been shoved in a drawer collecting dust for years.  It's supposed to look like a stained glassed window quilt.  I have to cut each black square out and add a bright colored fabric in.  It's going to be lovely when its finally finished!  

Our first big project of 2014....THE BACK YARD! 
 As you can see all the grass has died off or been trampled by our Lyla puppy.  In this picture you can see the garden area, the fire pit, and the rabbit hutches.  
We are tearing down the deck, building a patio/ fire pit, leveling the yard, expanding the garden, and laying green lush sod!  Walking barefoot on thick green grass is one of my favorite things.  I also need a relaxing peaceful patio we can use during anytime in any season.

The first step was demolishing the tiny deck.  
It only had enough room for the grill and no sitting area so it had to go.

Brian had the whole thing torn down in one day!!  I don't have the after picture to show you yet but its just a bare muddy spot and it looks great!  

We had the evening off for St. Patrick's day and enjoyed some 
home cooked corned beef thanks to Chef Brian!