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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My 27th Year

I love that my Birthday coincides with the New Year because it can be a fresh start to a year as well as the next year of my life.
I have so many wonderful plans for this year and we have started planning and prepping for some of our goals.
These are not so much "resolutions" as they are just more our life goals that we have been working on but are now putting more energy and time into them to make them our priorities.

Here are some of our goals:

~Preparing healthy meals from scratch:
We have started our "30 Day Cleanse" again.  The last time we only held steady for two weeks before a vacation but we both lost weight and loved the results of eating fresh prepared food everyday.  I went grocery shopping last night and the majority of the food were vegetables with a few items of meat!  Love this diet, it encourages organic, free range, grass-fed, and local foods...makes me feel very environmentally friendly and a great steward of the resources God has granted us!

~Gardening and growing our own food:
Our garden last year was very successful.  This year we will grow more of a variety and then continue growing all year round.  Right now we still have fresh Kale and Onions we are eating. 
I want a huge herb garden for teas and medicinal purposes.  I'll also plant more flowers, fruit trees, and berries to encourage bees and butterflies to come to our yard!
I would love a bee hive but I'm not sure if I can manage that yet!

~Back yard:
Our yard is going to be transformed from a sloped hole filled dead land into a level grass filled paradise! Seriously we need grass growing!  We plan on leveling some areas, planting sod, and building a patio space for out door living.  I'll be adding a few new garden beds to the area too.

~Church involvement:
We are so happy to be members now at Annapolis EP Church.  It's a very special place to us and we need to get involved and start serving there.  We are considering the Youth ministry and each attending a bible study.

~Enjoying Hobbies!
I haven't touched my sewing machine all year because of a bobbin problem...but I'm ready to start sewing and creating again!  I also want to learn to knit and crochet!  Its the perfect hobby for long car rides and sitting in front of the TV. 

~Home improvement:
One of the last projects we have is to remodel our upstairs bathroom.  Complete with a new vanity and tub!  The bathroom is dated with bright teal floors and needs some major design help.  We are planning to tackle this in the spring. 

2013 we accomplished major projects in our home and major hurdles in our marriage.  It was a hard year for sanctification and a hard time learning to be humbled and waiting on the Lord.  I'm so thankful for the lessons learned through these trials.  I'm thankful for the encouragement of friends and wisdom from women who came alongside me.  I'm thankful that God has refreshed my soul and led me to such a peaceful place of constant reliance on Him.  Our sorrow has truly been changed to Joy and Brian and I have had such great bonding times through the trials. 
Needless to say I know 2014 will be filled with new trials but I'm confident in the Promises and Faithfulness of our Father because He has led us through so much already!

Lastly, we said goodbye to our precious beautiful Grandma Dorothy.  I don't think I've processed fully the weight of her passing.  We will be flying out to Colorado next week to celebrate her life with the family.  I have been so comforted by God because He has restored her health and she is in her everlasting paradise! I'm excited and filled with wonder as I try to picture her with my Jesus. 
I've been singing and using music to help grieve when I start feeling emotional...but over all I am filled with peace because I rest in God's promises and Love!  I know we are to set our eyes on things of Heaven and not this world because it is all for a moment!  Grandma has helped me set my sights on what is important, leaving bitterness and grudges behind and not entertaining my own self-righteousness any longer.  Thank you Grandma for reminding me of our call to Love and our obedience in Christ.  You lived a life others want to emulate and your legacy lives on in me and my Mother, and your other children and great grand children!      

They were in deeply love to the very end...