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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Our Anniversary trip to Deep Creek was everything I dreamed!  Compete relaxation and quality adventure time with my husband!

These past two months have been such a blessing!
 Our little get away trip to Western Maryland was amazing!  It was relaxing, fun, and adventurous!
Exciting news...
We are joining our first church together!  We'll be attending Annapolis EP Church.  We have loved and soaked in all the history of the church and fellowship time from our new members class.  We are trying to figure out where to start serving.  We got to hear from all the different ministry leaders and to hear the impact and the amount of people this church is serving and helping is incredible...and we wanna be a part of it!  So we are praying to see where God wants us to serve!
For years I stopped serving and fellowshipping because of our schedules.   I felt guilty because I wouldn't be able to attend and frankly I was tired a lot too.  But what a mistake taking out one of those vital components to our walks!  I NEED to be sacrificing my time and energy someplace other then MYSELF!  So I also started volunteering at our local MOPs meetings to watch the children which is awesome!  The more of my time and energy I can invest into others and relationships the better!!  Needless to say, our hearts have been so blessed by the worship, teaching, and fellowship of our church!

My food journey has been successful... We've been trying a "Paelo Cleanse" for about a month.  I haven't been 100% faithful but I've been making good choices on what I'm consuming.  Remember how I'm sick all the time, have back pain, sore joints, and am TIRED ALL THE TIME!  Well after a few days of eating mostly meats and veggies my joints STOPPED hurting!  I've seen other positive things too like being "regular" without fiber...haha, and my menstral cramps aren't nearly as painful!  And I'm slowly losing weight but that's also thanks to Jazzercise!
But truthfully the best change to this diet is it's making me COOK and prepare every single meal!!  YAY!  Since the day we got married, Brian has always wanted me to be more skilled at serving and cooking yummy meals. I knew how to cook and bake but I never had the desire...But now, with this new program, the source I got it from came with a weekly meal plan, a shopping list, and all the recipes so its easy and fun, I'll even wear an apron sometimes!  It's so fulfilling to buy from local farmers, prepare their awesome food into my meals, and then feel so great and energized!

So we're faithfully getting connected into God's family and we are feeling and looking better while enjoying quality food.  All positive progress!
Brian and I have really been committing to loving and forgiving each other much better! I feel like we are in a good stride right now and our communication is much improved. 
 I'm so thankful for God's daily work in our hearts. 
We are at it again in projects and currently the whole house is in transition as we move furniture and tools from room to room.
We're refinishing the basement and I'm painting and re-decorating a few rooms! 
All of this in preparation for our Christmas Celebration with my family who's coming into town to stay with us!