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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A change in the weather! And on our plates...

I'm so thankful that summer is coming to an end!  I am definitely a cold weather girl and I love the change to fall.  The season of Fall is special to us because we were seriously "falling" in love with each other in 2009 and our wedding was October 2010! 

Plus its a very exciting time for Brian, because HUNTING season started and that's a pretty big deal around here.  In years past it was hard for me to let him hunt for hours on end because I wanted him home spending time with me. 
But after experiencing venison breakfast sausage, jerky, chili, meat logs, and steaks, well I'm all about it now!  Also I can't tell a difference between the taste of venison and beef, except I know my meat is coming from a good source and the deer lived very happy lives...aka not coming from a stressed, dangerous and unsanitary environment which is most of the meat industry these days. 
How perfect is free range grass fed deer?!  One good deer can stock up half our freezer chest. 
Its meat that is provided by God and hunted by Brian that is FREE and lasts all year long!  I'm so thankful for my husbands talents and food provided from God!
Not to mention I'm slowly becoming a health nut...not just because I want to be healthy but because I want to thrive and feel great! Its also my desire to be a good steward of my money which can support farmers that are good stewards of their animals which helps me to be a good steward of my body.

Needless to say folks I am learning how food plays such a vital role in our lives! . 
My poor body had quite the year of issues.  Car accidents messing up my neck and back, flues, fevers, shingles, a major corneal abrasion (which  thought would leave me blind), ovarian cysts, and now most recently:   
I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called ITP, which meant my body was destroying my own blood platelets.  It kinda made me nervous cause there is always the chance of injury with my job and I needed my platelets so I wouldn't bleed out!
The specialist suggested I might need a bone marrow biopsy to check my marrow, or other steroids or antibiotics to fight the disease. Thankfully, I'm so thankful that after several months my platelet count came back up to the minimum level.   In fact all my different blood cell counts are right at the minimum level, which makes me think I still need to get healthier!  Before I was given the good news that I wouldn't need biopsies or other medicines, I had already told myself I wouldn't do anything "medical" without trying my hardest to fix my body naturally first. 
My plan was to change my diet to organic foods, full of vitamins and essential minerals, plus taking loads of supplements.  Instead of snacking (cause I'm a snacker) I started drinking apple cider vinegar in tea with raw honey, or kombucha,  or home made organic chicken broth for the bone marrow with Celtic sea salt.   

I know that our health starts in our guts!  I am determined now to consume NUTRIENTS and to view my food almost like chemistry, and asking myself what will this food do for my system?  Will it help my body thrive or will it prohibit health and add toxins to my system, making my body work harder to defend itself against these chemicals?  
I've started cooking and baking almost all my meals and have also started losing weight! 
I still blame our stressful jobs and schedules on our poor health.  Sleep seems like such a luxury and I know our bodies need that the most!  For example yesterday: poor Brian worked a 12hrs shift from 4pm-4am and then worked again after 2hrs of sleep from 6am-12am...I don't know how many hours that was total but its too much!   
So friends I'm on a mission to prepare yummy beneficial meals for us to promote healthy happy bodies!       

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