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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Lesson From the Flowers

"The Suffering of Love"
Love will bear and forgive,
Love will suffer long,
Die to self that she may live,
Triumph over wrong.
Nothing can true love destroy,
She will suffer All with Joy.
Love must give, and give and give,
Love must die or share,
Only so can true love live,
Fruitful everywhere,
She will bear the Cross of Pain
And she will rise and live and reign.
"Mountain of Spices"
 This summer I have been so blessed by our little garden in our front yard.  This is the first year that I have actually kept plants alive and thriving! These Shasta Daisies were planted just last year and started out from a small pot.  I could not believe how they tripled in size and height!  I barely had to water them and they just thrived in the Maryland humidity all summer long!  From May until August I had weeks and weeks of happy Daisies blooming!  What I learned was that the more you pick and cut them, the more they grow bigger and fuller!  I had several bouquets all around my house all summer.  I was able to give bouquets too friends and family too! I have big plans for next years garden!
Sharing these flowers made me so happy! And the Lord took this time to teach me a lesson from His creation of these sweet little delicate flowers. 
I had a habit in life of complaining of weaknesses, tiredness, and self pity.  I started feeling overwhelmed by the reality and demands of my life.  Severing Brian in our marriage, having passion and strength for serving as a Police Officer, practicing love and forgiveness towards others, and just trying to get through the daily grind of life!
But as I learned how the flowers grew back stronger after being cut down, giving and sharing of themselves, I learned too that the more I give of myself to others, the more the Lord fills and grows me!  My whole perspective on life is changing...
I'm encouraged knowing that I can give, and give, and give my love, forgiveness, grace, and kindness...knowing that the Lord will sustain and fulfill me.  It doesn't matter how tired or overwhelmed I feel, because being sustained through Jesus I have an unlimited supply!  My stress level has gone way down and my trust in our Father through obedience has given me so
 much peace... and as a result, I'm happy!

"It's not the long walk home that will change this heart....but the welcome I receive with the restart."
God has been doing grand things in our marriage!  Without writing a novel on all the things I learned...I just wanted to share, God taught me those lessons on love and forgiveness to prepare my heart to truly love my husband, not just tolerate him.  I didn't realize how far apart Brian and I had become...
When we normally disagree or argue I responded in self righteous anger and become such a nasty judgmental person.
But the Holy Spirit is at work and can finally use us to bless one another through Christ! 
It's a sweet thing and a gift from God to finally have trust,
 communication, and forgiveness in our marriage.     
 I was blessed by several sweet friends who took time to encourage, correct, and love on me to help me be victorious through this period of life.   

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My Strength is made perfect in your weakness. 
For when I am weak, then I am strong."
2 Cor 1:9

In other news we have very busy this summer working way too much... But we try to get in some fun hobbies here and there.  Brian has now brewed 2 successful batches of beer and they were sooo good!  No high fructose corn syrup or sulfates in this alcohol! 
 Our favorite place to walk and be surrounded with nature...
Greenbury Point across from Annapolis and on the Bay. 
We love going at dusk for the sunset and because all the deer come out to greet us!

Sorry its a bad shot but this albino deer is so amazing, he's got brown spots too! 

 We love our Lyla! 
I'm looking forward to the cooler seasons and the next phase of life. 
So thankful for places of peace and rest we can escape too from the chaos and stress of our jobs.

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  1. Love the photos! Thanks for posting them!