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Saturday, May 25, 2013

May Times

We've been busy and enjoying our spring days! 
Happy Birthday to my Dad!  We spent the day at St. Michael's and treated him to a wine tasting!
The Atwells came to town for a quick visit and we had so much fun with them!  Jimmy loves making music with his Uncle sweet!
One of our major projects is cutting down these two 50ft pine trees.  I'm tired of their pine needles covering our entire yard! 

Brian cut down as many of the huge branches he could...using his rickety tree stand! 
We couldn't get the entire tree down because it got a little dangerous...anyone know someone who can help us take these things down!

This is the guest room, we hadn't touched it since we moved in.  It needed baseboard, window and door frames, a new door, outlets, ceiling fan with lighting, closet doors, and a fresh coat of cappuccino paint!

Look at those old ugly metal doors!  And we moved the attic entrance from the closet to the hallway.  Brian was able to install a ladder to the new attic entrance too!

Beautiful new doors...Brian had to build that small wall above the doors.

I love fresh bright white baseboards! 

Such a simple thing as a door but a good one makes all the difference to the room!
The room now has light! 
I still have a few finishing touches and decorating to do but now we can welcome our family and friends to a beautiful room!  So out of town family come on out to Maryland anytime!
Brian and I love walking around Greenbury Point in Annapolis on the water. 
It's a wildlife preserve and we love scouting deer and birds.
Last time we went we found these little guys...Grazing Goats!!
They'll be here all summer clearing away the overgrown brush. 
There were 2 herds and about 40 goats in all! 
I'm a little obsessed with goats, especially these baby ones.

 Our front walkway is finally finished!  All the brick and concrete was demolished and we choose to use a more natural and cheaper option with the stone. 
Happy Memorial Weekend!