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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catching Up!

These past few months have sped by and we quickly went from winter to spring!
I need to update what we've been up to!! 
February was an awesome month!  My sister Janet flew in from Colorado for a visit.  Janet, my mother, and I all drove up to the "North Country" New York to visit Cindy and meet baby Cici for the first time!  This was the first time all sisters and mom were reconnected since my wedding almost three years ago!
We had planned this trip months ago...what we didn't plan was that poor babe Cici would be in the hospital for months.  We split up our stay in New York with Jimmy and Tim and traveled back and forth everyday to Vermont to be with Cindy and Cici.
Driving through blizzards  (real winter mountain blizzards...not your wimpy Maryland snow folks!) was quite the adventure!!
Grandma "Nan" meeting Cici for the first time!

Crossing the ice laden lake into Vermont...sorry for the poor quality!

All the sisters together!! 
It snowed like this everyday! 

I was amazed to see wildlife hanging out in this blizzard in the midst of the ice burgs!

Meeting baby Cici for the first time!

She is so sweet and has such a personality at 2 months old!

Chubs and baby rolls =)  I loved just sitting and holding her!