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Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Projects

We have been busy and working hard this past month!  We wanted to get a few projects finished before we started decorating for Christmas!  It feels so wonderful to accomplish our goals and check things off the master list!  I've included some photos to show you.

This month we focused on the kitchen/dinning room area.  That included refinishing/painting a dresser for more counter space in the kitchen.  I have very little storage but this old dresser could give me more drawer space and overall counter space.  Before using the dresser we had an ugly wire shelf.  

Brian decided we needed to open up the kitchen for more natural light, so we cut a huge opening in the wall!  I decided to paint the dinning room and living room while we were updating things.  We got rid of our huge ugly brown light fixture.  We inserted a beautiful ceiling medallion and I bought a used chandelier for $20.  I spray painted it white and added a gloss coat.  I still need to install crystal chains and pendants to make it fancy! I have been dreaming of this chandelier project for months!!  I'm so pleased with how it turned out! 
I picked new blue curtains instead of the brown ones for the front window.  And I installed drapes in the dining room to soften the decor.  
In the living room, I got rid of my big black book shelf which was sucking light from the room.  I moved in my corner bookshelf (which was in the kitchen).  It stores my piano music perfectly inside which is the only reason why I need a bookshelf there...
Brian has been working on one of his hobbies, the train/ Christmas village!  We bought a board for a few bucks from a thrift store and transformed it into our village.  80% of the buildings are also from Goodwill!   
There's still lots to do but it feels cleaner and more organized. 

Enjoy the photos!
Our Thanksgiving was short but yummy!  I worked from 11PM the night before til 12PM on Thanksgiving.  I was held over for 5 hours but we enjoyed a feast before Brian left for work that afternoon.  Holidays are hit or miss with this job!
The "before" shot...walls were not painted yet. 
The messy sun room with all the kitchen stuff.  In my desperation to purge and organize, I did throw out my collection of Maryland wine bottles you see on the table =)

The dresser was dark brown to start.  I painted it plain white and sanded the top.  We then stained the top to bring out the natural color of the wood.  Also that is the plain wall that we cut a window though. 
Brian's train table

It's a work in progress.  We still have "snow" to add and more lights!

Here's the new Chandelier and freshly painted "silver" walls!  That banner was hand made by my Mother.  Each day you hang an ornament on the tree, counting down the days to Christmas!
Here is the new window and dresser!  Kitchen feels much bigger and is much brighter with the light from the dinning room!
I'm so happy for all the counter space!
Here's the "after" photo.  Notice the new curtains...and another banner for our Christmas Advent. Also I'm happy that I found several trumpet and French horned candle stick holders at Goodwill.  They make me laugh because I used to play the trumpet and they're a fun addition to the piano!

Here's my puppy girl!  She loves to sit on this table to watch the neighbors over the fence.  We have so much fun with her!  

Lastly...I almost forgot my big news!  I'm officially off MIDNIGHTS!  It was almost 2 years of working the permanent night shift.  I loved my squad and had a great time working, however...I was always sick and I could never sleep.  I'm a morning person and I could never really train my body to sleep!  I'm very thankful to be back to a "normal" schedule.  I'll either work from 7-3 or 3-11,  depending on the week.  I look forward to being home with Brian in the evenings and hopefully seeing more friends and being social again!  Most of all I'll have energy and start getting healthy again =)