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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Past Two Years!

Our TWO year wedding anniversary is next week! TADA! I don't know if it's felt like a long time or hardly any time at all.
 I was reminiscing over our story together and I love how how our relationship started.  It's such a sweet love story...and so it began...
My dream to be in law enforcement started when I was five...Just a little girl fascinated by a police radio.  I was a cute model for the Reagan International Airport police department.  I was posing as a lost child and this picture was printed in their magazine and hung on my bedroom wall for 2 decades

After four years of studying criminal justice and working extremely hard to accomplish my goals...all my hard work paid off and landed me a career with the Police Department.   This is Recruit Officer Witherspoon, and the "nessie" rope.

I met the cutest and funniest guy in my class and I couldn't take my eyes off him!  I felt like a giddy school girl with a major crush.  I tried my best to maintain my composure and to keep the emotions in tact...hello I was training to be a Police Officer I had to get myself together!

One month before graduation we both realized that we wouldn't be seeing each other everyday anymore and we couldn't stand the idea of being we secretly started dating!  Be still my heart...the man of my dreams.  We hung out every weekend and loved hiking and talking together.  Really trying to get to know the person OUTSIDE of the uniform.  I just wanted to hear story, after story, after story...he fascinated me! Back in the academy halls the only interaction we shared were secret smiles back and forth =)

I felt so young here, no responsibility, no stress, just a world of endless possibilities. We started planning our future...several months later...       
While visiting his family in the city of LOVE (Philly) Brian proposed!      

~There was some rejoicing and crying in the train station that day~  
October 23, 2010
We love everything about the season of fall and 
celebrated our marriage on a beautiful crisp day!  We had so much fun with our family and friends!
 I remember the look on Brian's face as I walked down the aisle towards him. 
I remember how strong and commanding his voice sounded as he took his vows.
I love replaying the music we used during the ceremony, mostly the soundtrack from Little Women. I get flutters in my stomach all over again when I realize the blessings from marriage and how LOVED I am by my husband!

 He is such a great man and I'm still so far from being the wife that I want to be to serve and respect him daily and lovingly. 

Thank you Jesus for supplying the perfect man to help carry me through this life! 

 So here we are today!  In our newish home, preparing the place to start a family while having fun being young!  
What an adventure it's been in a few short years.  
Can I take a moment and talk about the not so romantic part of our story...Don't worry it was all a valuable learning experience because we both had some issues and sins that did not belong in our hearts.  But realistically... 
Marriage is sometimes hard and annoying. And at times I felt like the only wife in the world failing at loving my husband...
It's a little embarrassing to admit we've been to marriage counseling and had those doubts about our future together and if we could "make it work".  But those valleys only came about when we were both so far from God and each other.  I'm so thankful that God has been faithful in teaching, comforting, and supplying our needs, even when we're stubborn!
My theme verse for this month is:
"For God is working in you (Laura), giving you the desire and power 
To do what pleases Him (and Brian)!  Phil 2:13 
~I Love Him~


  1. I loved being able to see your life long dream of becoming a police officer come true. I'm so glad that I was there watching you and Brian fall in love. I love being able to go through this whole "marriage" thing together and encourage and pray for each other. I'm so happy you guys are married and can't wait to see what God has in store. Can't wait till the 4 of us are together again,eating whatever amazing food Brian has grilled up, drinking wine, teasing you, and playing masterpiece.

  2. What a great post. And your wedding pictures are gorgeous.

  3. Congratulations to you both! And our best love and prayers for the coming years together.
    See the You Tube link:

    If you think 2 years go fast . . . whew!
    Keep things simple, honest and in so far as you you are able, be at peace one with the other -- On this matter, my husband taught me how to have a "civil" conversation, even when I was hopping mad.

  4. Congrats, Arnolds! You are very real and honest about everything that marriage is about, both the good and the bad. Just like all of life. I hope and pray you will spend a lifetime of joy together! Nothing wrong with attacking all the weak spots with everything you can muster, to make the future the strongest it can possibly be. Happy anniversary. :) (I'll be thinking of you, as your two-year anniversary is our one-month anniversary!)

  5. Happy Anniversary, Arnolds!
    Laura, I have loved watching you grow (as I grow along side you) through all these stages: dreaming of being an officer, college, the Academy, meeting a really cute guy that you like named Brian, double dates, being part of your wedding day, spending last Christmas together (kind of) : ), helping you move...a 50 ton piano, and so much more. It has been a wonderful time, and I can't believe there is so much more to come!
    Enjoy your anniversary week!