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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lyla May and Her Pals

This last month was busy because we spent two weeks dog sitting!

We threw Lyla in with the family of six dogs and she had a blast.

Six was a lot to manage but it was fun!

Winston and Zippy

Spanky aka the furry 50lbs wrecking ball

Zippy (Lyla's personal chew toy)

Little Bella and old faithful Toby

My dog cracks me up with her personality...I love how her ears change everyday.

Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes in between...

~Jimmy went outside all by himself and started "mowing" the lawn like it was his job!~

We got to spend one last afternoon with my sister and her family before they traveled to the North Country for the rest of the year! Jimmy has grown from a baby to a little boy! He loves to talk and I actually had my first conversation with him on the phone yesterday.

Oh that little boy brings such joy to my heart!

He likes to talk about his puppy... "JiJi" (Jackie) and my "do" (dog),"Y-ya" (Lyla). It was hard to say goodbye again to my best friend, Tim and Jimmy! I'm so excited that she is in the process of making another baby due soon around my Birthday!!