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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Recap!

We have been having a fantastic but busy summer!  Here are a few recaps:

A great cousin get together at a local Brewery in Colorado Springs! 
We graced several local brewery's while we were visiting and enjoyed the drinks and the company =)

We had a very special afternoon at the Cabin with our Grandparents

~Witherspoon cousins from Colorado Springs~
We love going to this Mexican restaurant every time we visit! 

~My favorite sight in my favorite place~
This song was in my heart as I soaked up that cold mountain air:
"O Lord My God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works thy hands have made!
...Thy power throughout the universe displayed!
My Lord how great thou art!"

My lovely Aunt Bobbie and Cousin Anna at my grandparents place in Denver

We love the mountains!
Little did we know a huge forest fire was raging on the other side of that mountain!

The fire...We have been so devastated by all the horrible destruction!

We randomly found a wine festival in downtown Denver...Oh so fun and perfect for a sunny afternoon

Jimmy discovered how to make music!  We loved being able to play with him everyday!  He's no longer a baby!  He's a cute little boy...ah he's growing up so fast.  We had such a great time with the Atwells and will miss them when they move back up to NY! 

We took turns target shooting on our Grandfathers old .22
This was Janet's first time shooting and she did so great!
I love how Keith is sweetly instructing her =)
Thank you Smolys for housing us for a week!  We love your beautiful home and doggies! 
And finally...I'm pleased to announce our new puppy Lyla May!  (Pronounced Lie-La)
She is sweet and spunky!  This little German shepherd/ Collie mix is from a beautiful Amish farm and we are so happy to add this little addition to our home!