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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Wow Brian and I are actually off for a "Holiday", Fathers Day!  I'm looking forward to spending some time with my dad tomorrow.  Brian and his dad are going onto their hunting property to prepare for the fall season!  I decided to let the men enjoy their guy time...I don't think I would be much help setting up a tree stand.  Tonight I'll be spending time with my Mom and step-dad Craig...we are all going to watch the Jimster! 

I haven't accomplished much since we have been home. 
I had so many summer goals which I haven't even begun to attempt!
Here is my summer wish list:
~Sew curtains for sun room (fabric already purchased)
~Practice my water colored painting
~Plant more flowers in front garden
~Finish decorating master bedroom (pictures and such)
~Paint living room/dining room and downstairs
~Prepare and plan for a puppy addition
~Power wash deck and siding
~Fix leak in sun room (especially before hurricane season!)
~Install our crown molding for the bedroom
~Prepare weekly meals
~Incorporate daily exercise!

I think I'm still in relaxation mode from vacation which is fine by me!  We are dog sitting for another week at our favorite place and we've been spoiled with watching CABLE!  Don't two favorite shows right now are:  SHARK TANK and DANCE MOMS!  Why?  I feel as if I'll gain some knowledge on how to save, invest, or just get rich by listening to the billionaires give advice on how to make money.  And I love Dance Moms because the drama makes me laugh and I'm such a fan of these young extremely talented dancers!  I danced for 17 years and it was such a fun and major part of my life.

No pictures cause I left my camera at home! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Our vacation was outstanding and I know we both REALLY needed the break!

Every night we enjoyed a sunset!

Family game of horse shoes...Boys won!

Cousin time at the Coors Factory!
I will share stories and more pictures soon! 
Tonight we are off together and enjoying homemade Sushi with Cindy and Tim!