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Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy May...Happy Home

These past few weeks have been busy busy busy!
I have felt so accomplished and proud of my husband for the work we have gotten completed in our bedroom!  Every break we get we spend cleaning, painting, organizing, weeding, gardening, and of course hanging out. 

This week in the room we cut and painted all the trims.  We have baseboard, waynes coat, chair railing, crown molding,  plus window and door trim. We also did touch ups on the red paint.  The closet was rebuilt with new and more shelves...I need all the space I can get for storage!  We also have two new doors to be installed with fancy door knobs.  Brian and I decided to get our air vents and carpets cleaned.  We noticed we were waking up with dry irritated throats and we thought it might be related to the previous owners cats and dust ect.
Hydro Clean did a fantastic job and our house smells so fresh now!  They showed us the pile of dust, dirt, hair, and trash that came out of our vents...eww!  I've decided this will be done once a year from now on. 
This was the first week from the garden.  The plants have grown much bigger, thanks to all the rain!
Can't believe how far we have come!!
All this cleaning, growing, and building has been such an encouragment.  I've seen the same dedication in our marriage these past few weeks to work harder and harder in communication and understanding and loving each other.  I'm thankful for this progess and feel so blessed!