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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The week according to me...

My weekend started Monday morning and I was so confused by the timing I thought it was Thursday?! I tried planning a hangout with one of my friends and I texted them early MONDAY morning thinking they were gona be free over the weekend, and I thought I had the weekend off...OH was MONDAY!  I missed the weekend, church, and my real days off have been Mon, Tues, Weds...And now I work this weekend too.
Oh well its ok that I get incredibly confused with times and dates.  I blame it on never seeing the sun.
Our house continues to be a construction site but the end IS in sight!  Its been hard to clean and organize since tools and different parts of rooms have been shuffled all over the place.
I asked my HOA if I could own Chickens and they turned me down!  So no chickens for the next few years for us.  This is not our dream house so I know some day I'll be able to buy chickys.
As for the puppy, we are going to wait until we come back from summer vacation in June.  Then I'll finally let Brian get his dog! 
I've started a new project of refinishing a table I found at the Goodwill for our sunroom!  The colors I want in the room is gray, yellow, and green.  Im thinking of painting the table either gray or white and one of the walls green...we'll see what happens? 
Work has just been DOMINATING my life.  Is that ok that all I do is work and sleep?  I REALLY tried adding in a new routine this week...Running.  I wanted to run a mile a day.  I haven't run in many months since the cold came, but I wanted to start up this great exercise again!
Is it just me or is everybody running these days!?  So I ran my MILE...and now I have been too sore ever since to try again. Maybe I'll give it another shot tonight!

Friends please continue to pray for my husband and I as we are seeking Godly counseling and advice on building a better marriage!  I was reminded of an encouraging verse recently : Psalm 127:1

"Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain."
I'm loving Spring!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time for some Pets!

I know I owe you all some updated pictures of our gardens and bedroom.
But unfortunately I'm dog sitting for a week and I don't have my camera with me!

Easter weekend was amazing.
This year at our Good Friday service we learned that Jesus died as our Friend. It's so touching and special to realize that Jesus considered ME as a friend. The worship always leaves me in tears because I get so sad remembering what my friend went through to save us.

Saturday was Brian's 25 Birthday! We had a fantastic dinner together and did a little dancing with a live band that was at the restaurant.

Sunday morning we exchanged Easter Baskets for the first time!
Brian absolutely spoiled me with gift cards and chocolate. The worship was once again so encouraging and was a true celebration. We had my mom and Craig over for a delicious meal and we spent a good part of the day outside enjoying the weather. My mom and I continued the tradition of singing and playing the piano to our favorite Easter hymns.

A while back ago I had updated about us thinking about adopting a puppy or two. Well we were turned down by the agency because we didn't have any prior experience with owning our own dog. Family dogs that we both helped raise and care for didn't count.
So now we are going to purchase our own puppy from an Amish breeding farm.
Brian is transferring to a rotating day and evening schedule so he will be OFF MIDNIGHTS! That means we will be able to care for a puppy much easier. However, I'm not sure how this change of schedules will effect how much we are going to be able to see each other now, I'm a little apprehensive about this...
I also really want to add bunnies and chickens to our clan! I just learned that residents in Annapolis can have up to 5 chickens. Our yard is not that big but how fun would it be to have free range chickens and fresh eggs?! I also think it will help to keep the pest population down and help protect our veggies. I'm hoping our HOA won't mind =)
I'm looking forward to adding some little furry babies to our family!