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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family Visit

I am so happy that my Dad, Brian, and I got to travel to Virginia Beach a few weekends ago to visit some family! My Dad's sister and husband were visiting her daughter and her awesome family for a few days and we wanted in on the fun!

We all had so much fun visiting and playing with the boys!

Make a funny face! (I love my dad's laugh)

Brothers are so precious...They already have a strong bond =)

I loved listening to them talk, in this photo they were showing us their sea creatures.

They were so smart and knew all the names of the fish, whales, and sharks!

Here's my sweet cousin and her family, a third boy is on the way!!

Gotta love the midnight shift...

Brian and Canyon became buddies, they were both really tired.

Here we are next to his bear fort =)

haha my goodness these boys were the cutest!

Family~ We always enjoy the quality time we spend with you all!

We are looking forward to more visits to come!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Work in progress...

My bedroom project which I thought could take THREE DAYS is going to actually take weeks if not more than a month because we need major construction done!

Halfway painted walls

In the meantime, sister Cindy and nephew Jimmy stayed with us for a few weeks:

Check out those blue eyes and smile, little handsome

At first it was a small adjustment to have a toddler running around and getting into everything. Plus I felt bad cause I needed to sleep when he was AWAKE and wanting to PLAY!

I seriously started thinking about how I would adjust to having my own baby...and I thought OH MY GOODNESS, I don't know how you moms do it!

Uncle Brian is helping Jimmy save Winston

Feeding, training, caring, nap schedules, endless patience, and tired sleepy nights.

I am so impressed with Cindy, she does it so effortlessly.

I'm so thankful for my time I got to spend with her!

Shopping, painting, eating cheese and drinking wine, talking, coffee, and many times!

I always love watching Brian interact with children because they are so precious together.

1st guitar lesson

Happy running around


See the mold and water damage? The beans are also falling apart and there is a hole in the wall to the siding.

This entire section has to be torn down and rebuilt. We will be taking the siding off the back of the house and then rebuilding the wall.

We are having fun but the whole house is disorganized and unsettled because of this mess.

I'll be so relieved when it's finished so I can clean and organize everything again!