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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bedroom Part One

This break Brian and I finally had some time together. We decided to start working on our bedroom. Its such a personal space and the room that we probably spend most of our time

(aka we sleep there all day long )

We came up with some very creative colors and styles! I'm so thankful that we both agreed and LOVED the same ideas.

~First step was to buy new and matching furniture...

this will be the first furniture we have ever bought!

Everything else has been given or donated to us.

Thank you President's Day Sales!! We were looking for something "rustic".

We successfully purchased multiple pieces of the most rustic beautiful furniture we could find!

We then spent some time at the hardware many supplies were needed.

Brian has since gone back two more times for MORE!

How could we have needed


Here is the before look: Empty, no personality, white walls, messy, and bland...

Brian is watching our new friends

We were visited by our new neighbors the "Button Bucks" and their girl friend, "Young Doe."

Brian left out corn to see if we had any deer in our forest. We do! They come around all the time and they are kinda like our forest friends or pets.

We found mold behind some of the drywall so now our bedroom is a construction zone while we rip out half the room! I'm hoping the entire project with painting and everything will be finished by tomorrow! Its gona be a long night...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Its Friday! Friday!

This has been a great busy week. I just work one more evening and than Brian and I are finally off a weekend together! I are looking forward to going on a hot date for Valentine's Day!

This weekend I hope to accomplish some major unpacking and organizing in our two spare bedrooms to get ready for our company. My sister Cindy and Jimmy James are coming this week to stay for 20 days!! Tim will be busy camping, snowshoeing, hiking, and exploring the winter wonder land of Upstate New York for school. We will miss you Tim!

(Our Mother crocheted this sweater jacket for Jimmy's Birthday!)

I'm so excited~Brian and I are trying to decide whether or not to adopt a puppy or puppies.

He says that we need practice, "taking care of something".

They are rescue border collies and they are just babies.

Anyone see Babe (the pig movie) remember those adorable puppies??!!

~This one's the little boy~ Polar

~Here's the little girl~ Her name is Blue Belle!

My only hang up is our crazy sleep schedule. Will they be ok to sleep in their crates all night and then sleep again during the day while we sleep? Also should we get two so they can keep each other company...and so that we can each hold a puppy? haha We have an excellent dog park down the street and we love to run in the park and watch the neighborhood dogs.

We will doing lots of thinking and planning!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


We've been experiencing lots of healthy progress these past few weeks!

All different kinds of Progress!


Repainted the bright blue downstairs bathroom. We will eventually remodel with new light fixtures, toilet, vanity, and sink.


After~ (Still needs some touch ups!)

We installed kitchen and bathroom

knobs and handles.

They make such a difference!

I can actually open the drawers now


Over the past few months Brian and I had really been struggling with loving each other. We would let little things cause great strife between us.

We dealt with a lot of anger and disappointment towards each other.

I'm so thankful that God softened our hearts and is doing a work in us now.

We are working on quickly resolving issues and asking for forgiveness with repented hearts. We've gone for weeks now without a major fight and I can see us being drawn to God closer,

as a couple.

I purchased a new Beth Moore Bible study to keep myself accountable to stay in the Word. I know all my marriage issues arise out of my own selfish desires and I had gone too long without serious discipleship with the Lord.

Now we can work on issues in a Godly self controlled manner =)

Did you notice I'm in uniform in the picture? Our lives are unfortunately centered on Police work. One of us is on duty almost everyday of the week. Even if one of us is off...the other spouse still has to get sleep all day and gear up at night, leaving the other one. There's always a tension because someone is always working this fast-paced-high stress-dangerous job.

I know Brian and I didn't come to our marriage struggles without the stress of this job and demanding midnight sleep schedule helping!

I'm so thankful for this job, however I actively need to stay focused to not get discouraged.

We have made changes so that we are exercising and eating really healthy homemade meals that can help keep the stress level down.

I'm so thankfully for the Lord's mercies in keeping us safe and teaching us to live this life He has granted us to the fullest!