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Friday, January 20, 2012

~Our NY Trip~

Brian and I traveled to the North County in New York to celebrate our one year anniversary and to visit with the Atwells back in October! We spent two weeks in the National Adirondack Forest off Rainbow Lake where Cindy and Tim now live.

We also snuck away for a few days to Vermont to have a romantic weekend =)

There's not much to do in the North County during the cold seasons. But we enjoyed the gorgeous landscapes and relaxing away from society.

We visited a Christmas Shop and Farm.

Jimmy loved the pigs!

We tried our very first WINE tasting and it was wonderful...We then tried another one in Vermont.

We spent a some good times playing and running around at a local park.

Lava Monster anyone?!

Brian is swinging Jimmy

This is Rainbow Lake aka their backyard

We hiked some trails around the forest. I was certain we would run into a Moose! It was the most quiet and peaceful place I've ever experienced. Felt like we were the only people in the whole world!

We rode a ferry into Vermont.

My favorite aspect of the land is that its water, forest AND MOUNTAINS!

We stayed in a historical Town named Stowe. It felt alot like Downtown Annapolis but It was much more charming and without all the commercialism.

Our room was updated to a luxury suite in this historic home for free!

We spent ours walking around the town, playing Chess in front of the fire, and eating Vermont Cheese and drinking wine!

We brought back a few bottles of Maple syrup from this cute county store.

Vermont in the morning with mountain mist.

My reason for coming to this place....CABOT CHEESE! And there were unlimited samples...Oh I can't wait to go back!

Best road trip and vacation! Looking forward to returning to New England...Next trip to Maine?!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Yay friends this is my first time ever joining up with my friend Lindsay at:
"It's the Little Things" FRIDAY! Normally on Friday everyone shares what little things made them happy this week...I've definitely have some to share! And guess what bloggers you can share some too and link up with us!! Make sure you add yours to Lindsay's Site cause it's the hub =)

BEST PART OF MY WEEK! Spending time with my sister, brother-in-law, and their baby Jimmy! They live in the North country (practically Canada folks) and I miss seeing them so much! And we discovered on awesome board game called Masterpiece, we played it for hours, check it out!

~First thing: I was thankful for this week was FINDING MY CAMERA! It's been missing since Christmas...I was so disappointed to not have pics of moving into our house or during my sisters stay with us. BUT it was found at my mothers home, whew! haha so relieved its not gone! It also means though no pictures for the blog...Next time friends!

~Second thing: It's been a week since we closed on our house and I'm still ecstatic that we own this beautiful place!

~Most importantly: To my husband, Thank you Brian for loving me and forgiving me even when I was angry and acting ridiculous (as I frequently do!).

Being forgiven is such a sweet thing and I'm so glad it's a new day!

~Finally this is my only weekend off this month and Brian's working it! But that means I have some 50 hours to myself to organize, unpack, and clean MY home!!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Beginnings!

We kicked off the New Year with BUYING a house!!
The idea of owning our own property is still hard to believe but we are so excited!

The last few weeks have been a blur of Christmas, packing, moving, celebrating, family, sickness, and stress!!
Brian and I both worked all Christmas weekend, my persevering husband worked two 16hrs shifts and still found strength to celebrate Christmas in between a few naps!!

I got the stomach flu on Christmas and still had to work that night...My side partners took care of me though. I'm still sick with a head cold but I know I'll be battling some sort of sickness until I come off midnights.

We have been visiting as MUCH as possible with the Atwells. Spending time with my sisters is my most favorite thing. Tim and Brian are great buddies too and little Jimmy James is such a heart throb!

I'm proud to say that our moving buddies, Rec and Jesse helped us move my 3000 lbs antique upright piano from our Bowie house to Arnold!! You can't imagine how heavy and impossible this piano was to move!! Pretty sure we all threw our backs out...

We just have a few days left of our company and then I'm spending the weekend unpacking and relaxing!

It has been so encouraging to see our Father's faithfulness through these past few weeks. He supplied wonderful friends and family to help us move and He kept us strong and content through our long cold stressful nights of work.

Looking forward to the years to come with Brian in this home!