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Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Projects

We have been busy and working hard this past month!  We wanted to get a few projects finished before we started decorating for Christmas!  It feels so wonderful to accomplish our goals and check things off the master list!  I've included some photos to show you.

This month we focused on the kitchen/dinning room area.  That included refinishing/painting a dresser for more counter space in the kitchen.  I have very little storage but this old dresser could give me more drawer space and overall counter space.  Before using the dresser we had an ugly wire shelf.  

Brian decided we needed to open up the kitchen for more natural light, so we cut a huge opening in the wall!  I decided to paint the dinning room and living room while we were updating things.  We got rid of our huge ugly brown light fixture.  We inserted a beautiful ceiling medallion and I bought a used chandelier for $20.  I spray painted it white and added a gloss coat.  I still need to install crystal chains and pendants to make it fancy! I have been dreaming of this chandelier project for months!!  I'm so pleased with how it turned out! 
I picked new blue curtains instead of the brown ones for the front window.  And I installed drapes in the dining room to soften the decor.  
In the living room, I got rid of my big black book shelf which was sucking light from the room.  I moved in my corner bookshelf (which was in the kitchen).  It stores my piano music perfectly inside which is the only reason why I need a bookshelf there...
Brian has been working on one of his hobbies, the train/ Christmas village!  We bought a board for a few bucks from a thrift store and transformed it into our village.  80% of the buildings are also from Goodwill!   
There's still lots to do but it feels cleaner and more organized. 

Enjoy the photos!
Our Thanksgiving was short but yummy!  I worked from 11PM the night before til 12PM on Thanksgiving.  I was held over for 5 hours but we enjoyed a feast before Brian left for work that afternoon.  Holidays are hit or miss with this job!
The "before" shot...walls were not painted yet. 
The messy sun room with all the kitchen stuff.  In my desperation to purge and organize, I did throw out my collection of Maryland wine bottles you see on the table =)

The dresser was dark brown to start.  I painted it plain white and sanded the top.  We then stained the top to bring out the natural color of the wood.  Also that is the plain wall that we cut a window though. 
Brian's train table

It's a work in progress.  We still have "snow" to add and more lights!

Here's the new Chandelier and freshly painted "silver" walls!  That banner was hand made by my Mother.  Each day you hang an ornament on the tree, counting down the days to Christmas!
Here is the new window and dresser!  Kitchen feels much bigger and is much brighter with the light from the dinning room!
I'm so happy for all the counter space!
Here's the "after" photo.  Notice the new curtains...and another banner for our Christmas Advent. Also I'm happy that I found several trumpet and French horned candle stick holders at Goodwill.  They make me laugh because I used to play the trumpet and they're a fun addition to the piano!

Here's my puppy girl!  She loves to sit on this table to watch the neighbors over the fence.  We have so much fun with her!  

Lastly...I almost forgot my big news!  I'm officially off MIDNIGHTS!  It was almost 2 years of working the permanent night shift.  I loved my squad and had a great time working, however...I was always sick and I could never sleep.  I'm a morning person and I could never really train my body to sleep!  I'm very thankful to be back to a "normal" schedule.  I'll either work from 7-3 or 3-11,  depending on the week.  I look forward to being home with Brian in the evenings and hopefully seeing more friends and being social again!  Most of all I'll have energy and start getting healthy again =) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Past Two Years!

Our TWO year wedding anniversary is next week! TADA! I don't know if it's felt like a long time or hardly any time at all.
 I was reminiscing over our story together and I love how how our relationship started.  It's such a sweet love story...and so it began...
My dream to be in law enforcement started when I was five...Just a little girl fascinated by a police radio.  I was a cute model for the Reagan International Airport police department.  I was posing as a lost child and this picture was printed in their magazine and hung on my bedroom wall for 2 decades

After four years of studying criminal justice and working extremely hard to accomplish my goals...all my hard work paid off and landed me a career with the Police Department.   This is Recruit Officer Witherspoon, and the "nessie" rope.

I met the cutest and funniest guy in my class and I couldn't take my eyes off him!  I felt like a giddy school girl with a major crush.  I tried my best to maintain my composure and to keep the emotions in tact...hello I was training to be a Police Officer I had to get myself together!

One month before graduation we both realized that we wouldn't be seeing each other everyday anymore and we couldn't stand the idea of being we secretly started dating!  Be still my heart...the man of my dreams.  We hung out every weekend and loved hiking and talking together.  Really trying to get to know the person OUTSIDE of the uniform.  I just wanted to hear story, after story, after story...he fascinated me! Back in the academy halls the only interaction we shared were secret smiles back and forth =)

I felt so young here, no responsibility, no stress, just a world of endless possibilities. We started planning our future...several months later...       
While visiting his family in the city of LOVE (Philly) Brian proposed!      

~There was some rejoicing and crying in the train station that day~  
October 23, 2010
We love everything about the season of fall and 
celebrated our marriage on a beautiful crisp day!  We had so much fun with our family and friends!
 I remember the look on Brian's face as I walked down the aisle towards him. 
I remember how strong and commanding his voice sounded as he took his vows.
I love replaying the music we used during the ceremony, mostly the soundtrack from Little Women. I get flutters in my stomach all over again when I realize the blessings from marriage and how LOVED I am by my husband!

 He is such a great man and I'm still so far from being the wife that I want to be to serve and respect him daily and lovingly. 

Thank you Jesus for supplying the perfect man to help carry me through this life! 

 So here we are today!  In our newish home, preparing the place to start a family while having fun being young!  
What an adventure it's been in a few short years.  
Can I take a moment and talk about the not so romantic part of our story...Don't worry it was all a valuable learning experience because we both had some issues and sins that did not belong in our hearts.  But realistically... 
Marriage is sometimes hard and annoying. And at times I felt like the only wife in the world failing at loving my husband...
It's a little embarrassing to admit we've been to marriage counseling and had those doubts about our future together and if we could "make it work".  But those valleys only came about when we were both so far from God and each other.  I'm so thankful that God has been faithful in teaching, comforting, and supplying our needs, even when we're stubborn!
My theme verse for this month is:
"For God is working in you (Laura), giving you the desire and power 
To do what pleases Him (and Brian)!  Phil 2:13 
~I Love Him~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homey Projects

We took a brief break from projects at our home for a few weeks to get settled and give the budget a break.  But there are many more rooms to paint and redecorate so we have started designing again!
I'm so happy to officially have the INTERNET, CABLE, and a TELEPHONE!  This means I've been watching several HGTV shows and I'm anxious again to get my home in order and beautiful!
The next rooms I'm working on are the office and guest room.  
We needed a new computer desk because the one we had was from my childhood and was to short for Brian.  Cindy had painted it green and brown for me and gave it fancy knobs...I held on to it for so long because it was so sentimental to me!
I gave Brian a mission to BUILD us a new desk and he came up with an awesome affordable design!
After falling in love with the table/desk we decided to refinish the night stand to match! 
~Here's the night stand in progress~
This is the finished desk...It's the perfect size and height!
This is another project we want to build...TALL Adirondack chairs!  
Way more comfortable.
I love being this handsome mans' wife =) 
We were invited to a friend's wedding and spent the night at a fun hotel on the Chesapeake Bay!  
Brian always tries to match his shirt or tie to my outfit...felt like we were going to prom =)
Happy Wedding Day Devin and Kim! 
All these awesome ladies and gents are my side partners, minus the bride who is our dispatcher.  
We enjoyed quite the celebration!

These next few days I hope to get some painting done in those rooms and finish some other small painting projects around the house!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lyla May and Her Pals

This last month was busy because we spent two weeks dog sitting!

We threw Lyla in with the family of six dogs and she had a blast.

Six was a lot to manage but it was fun!

Winston and Zippy

Spanky aka the furry 50lbs wrecking ball

Zippy (Lyla's personal chew toy)

Little Bella and old faithful Toby

My dog cracks me up with her personality...I love how her ears change everyday.

Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes in between...

~Jimmy went outside all by himself and started "mowing" the lawn like it was his job!~

We got to spend one last afternoon with my sister and her family before they traveled to the North Country for the rest of the year! Jimmy has grown from a baby to a little boy! He loves to talk and I actually had my first conversation with him on the phone yesterday.

Oh that little boy brings such joy to my heart!

He likes to talk about his puppy... "JiJi" (Jackie) and my "do" (dog),"Y-ya" (Lyla). It was hard to say goodbye again to my best friend, Tim and Jimmy! I'm so excited that she is in the process of making another baby due soon around my Birthday!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We finally made some progress with the projects!  I can't wait to show you all the new entertainment center Brian built us!  His parents and grandparents stopped by which was wonderful, it forced me to clean clean clean the whole house and things are finally getting organized!! Now I just have to get to that mountain of laundry...
I'll post pictures as soon I can get to it ( of the house, not my epic mountain of laundry!)

I'm looking forward to taking a little retreat next week from the painting and construction. 
We'll be watching 6 dogs, 2 which are puppies, at our favorite place! 
haha I can't wait cause I know it will be crazy!!
Our doggie family consists of Lyla (our dog), Winston, Toby, Bella, Zippy, and Spanky!  I love these furry friends and I'm praying Lyla will fit in with the gang.  I'll share some pics next week! 
*Rec if you're reading this, you'll have to bring Camden over to play too!*

Brian and I started a new book called Marriage Matters, for our Bible study.  It's so relaxing hearing him read.  We are anxious to keep learning how to bless each other and honor God in our Marriage. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A broken broken heart

This post is more of a personal journal entry because I need to remember theses things and I want to be able to look back and see God's faithfulness....

These past few weeks have been filled with lots of laughs and yelling as I'm learning to train our puppy girl Lyla! We love our little puppy and she is the sweetest thing. She crys when we leave her for more than a minute. She is also very feisty and barks back when I tell her NO! When she's happy she not only wags her tail but her whole back end...she gets very wiggly in her hips =)

Having a puppy has been a great stress reliever! Petting and playing with a dog really boosts your happiness. I'm also getting some nice time outside which has been very relaxing!

Our home is in shambles but things are slowly coming together.

The bathroom downstairs was redone and the painting and redecorating is almost complete in the basement/living room area. I love all the fresh new colors and everything looks so clean now! The front porch is still a four foot hole and a pile of rubble and broken cement.

I've been thinking a lot about the pathetic state of my the holes in the foundation and the mold that was growing on several walls...These defects were hidden under the surfaces and were going unnoticed but causing great damage to the inside of the home.

It made me realize how easy it is for us as broken people, to just hide the holes in our hearts. They can go unnoticed but they are doing incredible damage to our souls! We sometimes try to hide our problems but it only gets worse. And our hearts continue to crumble and mold away...

At times I have felt like our home is just an image of my life and my marriage...just so broken.

My favorite promise from Jesus is that HE CAME TO MAKE ALL THINGS NEW! I know in Eternity that everything will be NEW! But I also know that Jesus wants to redeem my life right now in the midst of the brokenness! He is the Master Craftsman and has Grand plans for fixing my heart! The more I see my home come together and get repaired, the more I want to see those hidden "moldy" spots of my own heart repaired! Its not a pain-free process though, giving up our will and killing the sin, never is... But I trust that He has the perfect plan and will not abandon me until His good work is complete!

Please friends search for those who are hurting, suffering, doubting, breaking, and bring them the good news that Jesus will heal their broken hearts!  I don't have all the answers but He does, and He greatly loves us =)

My job has taken a toll on my health and my life...but I'm praising the Lord that he uses the exposure of so many broken sinful people to make me run to Him night after night. It's very sobering to see the amount of people that NEED Him. They are lost and being held captive by the enemy. They are our co-workers, our neighbors, our friends, and our fellow brothers and sisters in the pews next to us! Trying so desperately to hide their brokenness...

Let's be mindful to commit to prayer those we know who are hurting!
Let's focus on God's redemption plan for His children instead of our daily selfish desires.
Let us be like the stars shinning in the darkness!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Recap!

We have been having a fantastic but busy summer!  Here are a few recaps:

A great cousin get together at a local Brewery in Colorado Springs! 
We graced several local brewery's while we were visiting and enjoyed the drinks and the company =)

We had a very special afternoon at the Cabin with our Grandparents

~Witherspoon cousins from Colorado Springs~
We love going to this Mexican restaurant every time we visit! 

~My favorite sight in my favorite place~
This song was in my heart as I soaked up that cold mountain air:
"O Lord My God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works thy hands have made!
...Thy power throughout the universe displayed!
My Lord how great thou art!"

My lovely Aunt Bobbie and Cousin Anna at my grandparents place in Denver

We love the mountains!
Little did we know a huge forest fire was raging on the other side of that mountain!

The fire...We have been so devastated by all the horrible destruction!

We randomly found a wine festival in downtown Denver...Oh so fun and perfect for a sunny afternoon

Jimmy discovered how to make music!  We loved being able to play with him everyday!  He's no longer a baby!  He's a cute little boy...ah he's growing up so fast.  We had such a great time with the Atwells and will miss them when they move back up to NY! 

We took turns target shooting on our Grandfathers old .22
This was Janet's first time shooting and she did so great!
I love how Keith is sweetly instructing her =)
Thank you Smolys for housing us for a week!  We love your beautiful home and doggies! 
And finally...I'm pleased to announce our new puppy Lyla May!  (Pronounced Lie-La)
She is sweet and spunky!  This little German shepherd/ Collie mix is from a beautiful Amish farm and we are so happy to add this little addition to our home! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Wow Brian and I are actually off for a "Holiday", Fathers Day!  I'm looking forward to spending some time with my dad tomorrow.  Brian and his dad are going onto their hunting property to prepare for the fall season!  I decided to let the men enjoy their guy time...I don't think I would be much help setting up a tree stand.  Tonight I'll be spending time with my Mom and step-dad Craig...we are all going to watch the Jimster! 

I haven't accomplished much since we have been home. 
I had so many summer goals which I haven't even begun to attempt!
Here is my summer wish list:
~Sew curtains for sun room (fabric already purchased)
~Practice my water colored painting
~Plant more flowers in front garden
~Finish decorating master bedroom (pictures and such)
~Paint living room/dining room and downstairs
~Prepare and plan for a puppy addition
~Power wash deck and siding
~Fix leak in sun room (especially before hurricane season!)
~Install our crown molding for the bedroom
~Prepare weekly meals
~Incorporate daily exercise!

I think I'm still in relaxation mode from vacation which is fine by me!  We are dog sitting for another week at our favorite place and we've been spoiled with watching CABLE!  Don't two favorite shows right now are:  SHARK TANK and DANCE MOMS!  Why?  I feel as if I'll gain some knowledge on how to save, invest, or just get rich by listening to the billionaires give advice on how to make money.  And I love Dance Moms because the drama makes me laugh and I'm such a fan of these young extremely talented dancers!  I danced for 17 years and it was such a fun and major part of my life.

No pictures cause I left my camera at home! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Our vacation was outstanding and I know we both REALLY needed the break!

Every night we enjoyed a sunset!

Family game of horse shoes...Boys won!

Cousin time at the Coors Factory!
I will share stories and more pictures soon! 
Tonight we are off together and enjoying homemade Sushi with Cindy and Tim!