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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello Friends,
Brian and I went through a stressful month while we decided what to do with our future! We are so thankful to have the opportunity to move in with his family in Bowie, MD. We are so happy we don't have to sign a lease and we will be saving so much money. We are going to help them with their rent on their its a win win!
We are anxious to buy a house and settle down. Brian can't wait for a yard to maintain and grow. He's also very excited about grilling again! I'm excited for finally making our space into a home. I'm still learning how to be domesticated and I really need my own place so I can spread my wings and learn to create.

We will probably be living with his sister for a few months while we house hunt. It will be nice to have all my junk...stuff boxed away and only live off the essentials and stay decluttered.
Plus they have a real cute dog and I can't wait to play with a friendly cuddly animal again!!

This month I have really missed my sister. I used to see her all the time and we have never been this far apart ever and it's hurting both of us! We daily text and call each other but its not the same. I can't wait for our trip up to New York next month to see them!

Brian and I have been like super heroes with all the packing and moving. Besides having piano movers come, we have done everything by ourselves! Brian even took a huge couch down the 15 stairs yesterday and threw it up onto the trailer all by himself! We have each done a few 24hr days. Today I'll be doing another one. I just worked all night and now I'll head home and start the final and biggest day of moving.

Its a tad sad to leave our first place together. Its scary not knowing where God will have us live next. I'm stressed because its been so challenging to find something wonderful in our price range. The places we have looked at had a flea problem and mold growth. Ehhh no thanks!

The other thing I have been overwhelmed with this month is marriage. I'm pretty bad at it. Loving Brian all the time is not really my highest priority and we already know I can't cook for the poor guy. Its been a hard month for us. But we are always learning and I have to keep trusting that God's plan is so much bigger than I can see right now....and it's a good plan =)
So much for September...I am so excited for OCTOBER! Fall is my favorite...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekends and Goodbyes

The month of August was a whirlwind of activity and disaster!
In one week our county got an earthquake, tornado, and hurricane!
Brian and I were busy more than usual because we were dog/house sitting four doggies for a few weeks. My bunny did not survive the visit and I lost my last pet. But now we are "free" from any pet duties. We had everyone over to the mansion for one last celebration with the Atwells.
The Atwells, Reeds and Arnolds are all best friends!
Cindy had told us she and Tim were moving at the beginning of the month so it gave us plenty of time to squeeze in a few sewing sessions before she left.
Our mom repaired this jogging stroll I got for Cindy (found at a yard sale!)

At our last family dinner together our mother had TWO surprises for us! I'll give you a lil background behind this sweet gift...During every Christmas season we did a family advent for the 25 days of Christmas. This daily devotional included a memory verse, a Christmas hymn, and an ornament. We practiced this tradition for over 20 years. There was a banner that hung in our hallway that you would Velcro the ornament to. My mom made two other Christmas banners through the years. There were three girls so we need three different banners of course! Everyday we would rotate to a different banner. We were all sad when we moved away because we could no long use the banners! Until now...

This one is for the family devotional. Its starts with the Alpha and Omega patch because, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God."

Jimmy's in this picture somewhere...haha
Second Surprise:
She made us two banners!! There were some tears...

There are 25 little precious hand sewn ornaments, an angle, train, pear tree, any thing cute and Christmas hidden in pockets at the bottom. We loved this one because it was a surprise to which one you would pick out!

Thanks Mommy! Now this precious tradition can continue...

Every time we try to move it rains...

But after packing the truck, Cindy let me raid her garden for some carrots, basil plants, peppers, and some other green things!

After this I rushed home and threw on my Class A uniform and sang the National Anthem for the Police Graduation!
The next day the Atwells stayed with us because Cindy was in a wedding down in Annapolis. We got to watch little Jimmy one last time!

Uncle Police Officer Brian had to go to work but we had fun and Grandma came over to help me.

Looks just like his Mommy here!

Poor puppy Maddie had to be given away because she could not move up to New York with them. This puppy loved little Jimmy and she was a great protector.

We will miss you Maddie!!

The next day they left and headed up North (waaaayy North, basically Canada)!

A week later I'm finally sitting down and processing everything that just happened! Last week I said goodbye to my best friend and little sister, the next few days were spent in a hurricane! What does working a hurricane feel like? Soaking boots and pants, messy hair cause the wind kept blowing off my hat, and pulling/dragging/cutting/ breaking trees, limbs, branches, and other debris out of roadways!! Remind me next time to take my own chainsaw!
Brian and I each worked extra a few 12hrs days, plus court, plus my secondary job, plus NO electricity for three days. And I'm so proud of us because we got through with barely no sleep and no complaining! We just did it...success!

My loving husband knew we hadn't had any time together or days off for over a week. He surprised me and took off Saturday! Wow we got a half weekend together! He woke up early Sunday morning and made us a fantastic breakfast while I was sleeping!
~Crepes with Devonshire cream and strawberries
~Scrambled eggs with sausage, peppers, and onions
~Fresh comforting cup of coffee!

Thank you Brian...this made my day!
After everything crazy it feels like time to settle down and relax, Wait!
Did I forget to mention our lease is up at the end of this month and we are moving too!? I'll know exactly where by the end of this week I hope!