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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hello Summer!
Let me tell you the joys of working AFTER THE SUN GOES DOWN! I don't have to deal with the sweat or humidity!! That Kevlar vests can be SO uncomfortable to wear and it makes you sweat gallons in the slightest not so great.
I have really been loving these past few weeks at work. I think its because I finally feel like IM in control of my schedule and not that WORK is in control of me...
Actually its more like I'm loving the Life God gave me to live and the tasks he has set before me.

Last weekend Brian and I were blessed to have off together and we spent our time camping at a local State Park.

(Yes I was standing in the river)
Having that time in the wilderness and God's creation helped me refocus.
We hiked, fished, splashed in water, read, slept, ate smores, and spent some time praying and singing together!

Here are some new healthy ideas I decided to use to kick the weariness and laziness I had been dealing with:

NO MORE COFFEE: I stopped depending on that wonderfully tasting drink to get me through the nights! I'm so proud of myself...haha I didn't think I could do it! we are really trying to eat healthy. Stopped consuming foods that taste good for foods that will nourish and replenish us.
A healthy diet of raw nutritious foods are so important for a balanced healthy energized body...Im in the process of trying to detox and stop eating all forms of WHITE FLOUR- WHITE SUGAR- PROCESSED FOODs- and UNHEALTHY FATS! These things were only stocking up my fat and making me feel tired more often.

SLEEP MORE: This means that Brian might both be home but we understand that even if we really want to spend time together its more important for the other person to get in a nap or a few extra hours in the middle of the day so we can be fresh and energized for work. And its been a success so far...

Christian Fellowship and Worship: This was the best and most healing activity I could do for myself. My poor spirit was so weary because I had not made an effort to attend church in about a month and not spending time in God's Word.
I tend to start slow and instead of expecting myself to try to read the Bible everyday (which I know I need to do to!), I started reading a book called "Heaven is not my Home" by Paul Marshall. Its been so encouraging and refreshing to just sit and read and contemplate on his ideas and the scripture that he uses in the book.
And it helps me keep the TV OFF!
Lastly i still need to add in exercise because this will really rejuvenate me. I think Brian and I are planning to pass around a football later and do some running or something fun...We are totally that couple that has chased each other around a play ground laughing like children and having fun =) (Nobody was around of course!)

FRIENDS here's a new cute blog that i have LOVED reading! please check her out! Jen is a wonderful photographer and she is sharing her ideas on successful Yard Saling! She's got the most beautiful sweet girls and her posts are uplifting and fun!
Check the blog and let me know what you think!