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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In less than 24 hours of writing my last blog (which was so full of complaining!! So sorry...) I have seen a change in our lives! I was overcome by the Holy Spirits peace to just accept God's will for my life and to stop complaining about so many things. That next day we were able to attend BOTH Sunday School and church for the first time! We were both so encouraged to be in such great fellowship and we are studying Conflict and Resolution from the Peace Makers course. God has such perfect timing because we desperately need to learn some Biblical ways in handling conflict! This will be useful in our personal relationships as well as dealing with conflicts at our jobs.
Its amazing how the Lord can lead you from one challenge to the next! It feels just when you have your life finally in control something else comes up that needs work! God will never give us more than we can I know He'll be faithful in this trial too!
I'm looking forward to watching baby Jimmy in a few days all by myself while the Atwells attend a wedding...I can't wait for Jimmy time!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Acceptance Lieth Peace

"In acceptance lieth peace
O my heart be still;
Let thy restless worries cease
And accept His will;
Though this test be not thy choice;
It is His therefore rejoice.

In His plan there cannot be
Aught to make thee sad:
If this is His choice for thee,
Take it and be glad.
Make from it some lovely thing
To the Glory of thy King.

Cease from sighs and murmuring,
Sing His loving grace,
this thing means thy furthering
To a wealthy place.
From thy fears he'll give release,
In acceptance lieth peace."

Mountains of Spices (Hannah Hurnard)

There have been a lot of murmurings and sighs in my attitude these past months. But the root of the problem has been an unwillingness to accept things God has placed in my life. I've always struggled with accepting and living content with what God has allowed to happen with me. I eventually learn to live through the trials and grow spiritually but while I'm in the midst of the hardship I tend to secretly resent God in my heart for my plans not working out like I want them to...I realized this bad habit was happening again because it is so hard for Brian and I right now to enjoy life.
There seems to be nothing but tiredness and work. Our bodies can't adjust to sleeping and the two different midnight shifts and hours leave us very lonely. We seem to operate on different sleep schedule for what our bodies need. So Brian needs to sleep a LONG time where as I like taking naps through out my day before work that night. Which means we don't really see each other and it makes us sad.

Needless to say I can't get control of my life and it's frustrating! We are always to tired for church, and its so disappointing to wake up seeing that you missed another service. I'm really missing my Christian fellowship and Gods WORD.
Brian and I rarely share a meal together anymore because we are never awake or home at the same time. Because that's the case I don't cook meals and I feel guilty that I'm not being a good wife.
We are too exhausted to exercise...I feel like the most lazy person now. Its really on my few days off between my straight six that I can actually clean the house or do a project.
We have little time for family or friends and I miss those relationships that keep me growing and give me a happy outlet.

Brian and I have each experienced witnessing and dealing with some pretty gruesome things of brutally injured people this week. Its really hard trying to convince someone help is on the way and they are going to be ok...when you know they will probably die and that they are not obviously OK!
We are both praying that the Lord can help us forget these things as its hard not to dwell on them. Its challenging to unwind and calm down to try to sleep before you put yourself back out on the road the next night.

All of this said a Maryland State Troop died this morning while I was working. And I'm so sad thinking of his family...and its hard not to think, will this happen to my family? We truly work very dangerous jobs and it feels nonstop...

But the good news...(you guys still with me)
I'M ACCEPTING IT! I'm coming weary and heavy laden to Jesus and I'm ready to humble myself and accept that as much as I hate living like this...God still knows what is Best for my life and I am going to live in His promises! "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord!!" Plans for good not for Evil! "Jeremiah 29:11. (This is my favorite verse right now)
Amen I feel better already! Sometimes you just have to preach the Gospel to yourself. I'm going to find my JOY in the Lord and not in my schedule!
Thanks for reading friends! Anyone out there struggling with accepting something?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Time seems to just fly by for the Arnolds! We frequently loose track of
days and I'm never really sure what day it actually is
(thats what happens when you sleep all day and work all night).
With that said its already MAY but I would like to
share all the fun things we did in April...
The highlight of course was Easter weekend. Brian and I both had off! Its rare we can find one day off together we never get HOLIDAYS or an entire weekend!!
WOW what a blessing!
We spent Good Friday with Cindy, Jimmy, and my Dad:
Grandpa loves his little guy!

We got some great sister time in!

Saturday was our 6 months anniversary and Brian took me out to a nice seafood restaurant!
Easter morning I woke up to the sound of Brian making breakfast and singing in the kitchen...yeah I love my husband =) He made everything from scratch and it was delicious!

After that we sung some Easter hymns while I played the piano and we enjoyed our own little Easter "Pre service".

After the service and wonderful fellowship time we came home and ate lunch with my mom and Craig! Another great meal and we loved having time just the four of us together. After we said goodbye to the folks we went out to our little balcony and watched a huge thunder storm roll in! It started hailing! And after the first strike of lightening Brian said "Ok inside!" haha

Later that evening we spent some time with the Arnold family just relaxing and talking. I love those kind of nights.

Lastly: This was an apron I made for my sister-in-law's bridal shower. I had so much fun picking out the colors and designing the apron.

Brian is heading off to a Men's Retreat with our Church this weekend. Its his first retreat and I'm so excited for him!
Hopefully I'll blog a little more faithfully this month!!