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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


These beautiful flowers were from Brian and he arranged them himself!

Cindy and Jimmy spent some time with us last week while Tim was away. Little Jimmy is one of my best friends...hello look at those cheeks!!!

Sweet babe greeted me after my nap...focus on the cuteness not my hair haha
~He's always happy~

Over this past month I've taken a few snap shots of this wonderful pear tree that is outside our window! Our apartment complex is filled with tons of flowering trees and they are gorgeous!! This is the progression...

~Young Sapling~



~Full Bloom~
Our Bunny

This was our sweet boy Benny Bunny. He greeted us every time we opened the back sliding door. He loved to lick your hand and was very affectionate (unlike most rabbits that are too afraid!)
He came down with a health issue a few days ago and was struggling to breath. I held him and loved on him for almost an hour. I reassured him that he was a good bunny and that we loved him (bunnies are so soft to hug!!). I was planning on taking him to a vet the next morning. I let him hop over to his special spot behind our chair where he likes to lunge...we heard him squeak a few times and when we checked he had passed. I cried my eyes out for this sweet little bunny. You can always read a rabbit by the position of their ears. If they are happy their ears are up, their they are scared or hurting they are laid back, Benny's ears were finally up and relaxed...little bunny was at peace.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lately...not much

These past few weeks have been pretty standard and basic as far as life happening.

These are a few things that I've been thinking about lately:
~I'm pretty funny about having days off. I get really supper excited on my last night and when it turns into a beautiful morning I'm ready to start my day (except then I don't sleep)!! I always have a long list of chores and projects I want to accomplish all at once! But alas I get exhausted within a few hours and then get sluggish for the rest of the day. Still learning the discipline of when to sleep. It makes my life just a little depressing... ~My new favorite thing to do while I fold laundry or clean is to listen to my Pastor, Glen Parkinson's recorded sermons. I've been going through the Stewardship series...amazing! ~I am overwhelmed by the need to learn to prepare and cook better meals! The problem is we pack our dinners every night and we are asleep during all the other meal times. Its so much easier to live off sandwiches and veggies and COFFEE. Needless to say my hubby deserves better...maybe I can start with one meal a week. ~And last but not least Happy Birthday Brian! We went to lunch together and then took a nap before work. His presents included a new tennis racket, a fixed bike wheel, and a new worship CD. I'm gonna make him a cake and we are having our family over to celebrate Sunday!
Gotta get my pictures up!!