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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wedding Pics Take Two!

~The Groom~
This handsome lad was 23 when we got married.
I love looking at these "young" pictures cause I feel that we have already grown and matured so much (haha yeah right...but it feels like we have!)

If you know know that he is the happiest guy and always smiling and laughing! That was the first thing that attracted me to him. While going through the hardest training and getting constantly screamed at and drilled to exhaustion in the academy...i always noticed Recruit Officer Arnold having a good attitude and even being able to SMILE after 100 push ups!
Thats when I knew in my heart he was a believer and a great man.

~The Men~

From left to right:
~Jesse Reed: our dear friend married to my great friend Rec (one of my bridesmaids) they live down the street from us and we do all our fun couple stuff with them!
~Ronnie Phillips: new brother in law on the Arnold side! Engaged to Brian's sister Shelly. We cant wait for their wedding in July!
~Tim Atwell! My newest brother! The four of us together make quite the adventure.
~Anthony Bechtold: one of Brian's oldest childhood friends.
My hubby =)
~JP Phips: Brian's good friend from childhood and side kick!
~Chris Wuthrich: My side partner and fighting buddy from the Academy...Brian's REAL side partner for Bowie Police.
~Keith Smoly: my first brother! Married to Janet, we were able to spend time with them in their beautiful new house in Colorado and Keith took us to our first College Air force Football game!
~Eric Gonzales: Great Academy buddy, He and Brian work side by side keeping Bowie intact during the midnight hours...Guardians of the night!
Thank you brothers!!

The wedding party!

Pastor Max Benfer from Severna Park EP Church was our marriage counselor with his wonderful wife Michelle. We learned so much from them and had a good time! we dearly love their family!
These pictures are precious.
Brian was so nervous waiting for me to arrive!
This is the building excitement...

These are the tears of joy...I was hoping to make this effect on him! Wanted to be the best bride ever for my best friend and love!

Love this picture of my proud Daddy

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