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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I completely forgot our four month anniversary was a few days ago!
This is the first chance I've had to upload my wedding photos. I want to go in stages from the events and share a little each time.
Today is bridesmaids and flowers!

My lovely ladies=
Jen Cato my co-worker of five years
Rebbecca Reed childhood friend and sewing buddy
Shelly Arnold new sister, we share the same anniversary!
Janet Smoly my older first best friend
Cindy Atwell (and Jimmy) little sister... my Pippin
Kristen Arnold another loving sister!!
Corinne Fitzgerald life long friend and basically my sister
Erin Wood another amazing best friend from childhood
So I have eight best friends!! But each one unique and from a different area and stage of life =)
Each girl made me a special scrapbook page of fun memories.

I was a little anxious to get out to Brian to start the ceremony. To help keep me calm we sung some Journey (Don't Stop Believing!) and then spent some time in prayer...offering my marriage up to the Lord =)
Funny story...I'm the last of the four Witherspoon ladies to get married and so my sisters and I were a little emotional the morning of the wedding... As we drove to the church we listened to the Twila Paris song "How Beautiful" and we all started balling!! We found our composure and went on...and then we started praying and we cried again! (We cried two more times after that hahaha)

We always laugh at ourselves after =)

With the help of my awesome Bridesmaids we bought and assembled the flower arraignments ourselves and they were perfect! I wanted a lot of color with a wildness feel!

Next up the handsome groom and his men....

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  1. I thought all those tears were precious:) I hope my girls grow up to love each other as much as the Witherspoon sisters do!