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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The reason why my blogs are so sparse and few between is because of my poor technology!
I don't have Internet or cable in my apartment! I do however get Internet through my work laptop...BUT I can't download my pictures on my work laptop and so unable to share them with you all!
I'm dreaming of the day when my COMPUTER can download and load and post great pictures and blogs with ease =)
I even wish I had one of those laptops where you could draw on the screen cause then I would draw you the picture...haha no but it might be fun.
Getting ready for the Celebration of Christ's Birth has been the best thing for our MARRIAGE!
For some reason after the wedding and our work schedules picked up our devotions went out the busy cleaning, making meals, working full time...I got so comfortable in my new life style I just didn't adjust to devotions alone or with each other!
BUT thankfully, every year growing up our mom did a Christmas devotion with us. EXCELLENT for families with little kids.
They are short sweet lessons including a bible verse, discussion time, memory verse to review, prayer, and then (my favorite part) a Christmas hymn! Its called Family Celebrations by Ann Hibbard and there are other holidays included besides Christmas =)
So now everyday this week Brian and I have taken that precious time together to read and sing with God!! The fun part about this study is a Christmas Advent Tree that you place different symbols on everyday until Christmas. I haven't made one yet this year but we'll definitely have one by the time first baby comes!
So thankful for these devotions and I'm gonna be on the search for more devotions similar to this design for us to start next year! Any ideas?
Hopefully next time there will be photos of our wedding that I can share!!