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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Witherspoon no more...

This is my last week to be a Witherspoon! Oh wow how things have changed! Its such an emotional time...girls dream about their wedding day their entire lives and now here I am!
I'm so excited to be a wife...especially Brian's WIFE!

Its been so busy with details that I put off until now...but my faithful bridesmaids are keeping me on track! I can't wait to share all the pictures from this wonderful celebration!

This picture was taken before we were dating. We went on a camping trip with another couple. We both liked each other but hadn't said anything yet...This is us just relaxing and talking. I took every opportunity to ask him questions and listen to his stories because I wanted to know everything I could about this Brian Arnold!

I love where God has brought us!

We got amazing engagement pictures taken by Mandy Sroka! They were so much fun posing for =)

So happy and trilled to be at this time in life right now...What a good God we have!