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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time goes by so slowly....and time can do SO much!

I have loved this summer! I was able to go on two different short vacations to meet Brian's extended family! Wish I could post pictures...
So just imagine this... I went to Cape May New Jersey and laid out in the sun for four days! Ate, drank, laughed, and most importantly RELAXED!
Then this past weekend we went to West Virgina to meet the other side of the family! I went with Brian and my new Dad and they took the opportunity to use this as a mans weekend. Fishing, bow practice, and scanning for hunting spots were a few of the fun things. I did play football and tackled Brian a few times =) I feel like I'm marrying a warrior! I loved watching him shoot his bow...haha I'll stop swooning

People change is about to come! I feel like I'm on the edge of the diving board just waiting to dive in! For real I'm getting married in 95 days, packing away my childhood home, moving for the first time in my life, going to be an Auntie, and adjusting to having a relationship with a night owl...aka Officer Arnold who is working MIDNIGHTS!
I'm a little nervous about being able to have a normal relationship. At this point we don't see each other hardly at all. When I work he's asleep and the opposites the same for me. The most interaction is phone calls but one of us always is working so the police dispatcher is always present in our conversations... haha sorry honey gotta go someones getting robbed.
This is not how I planned our first few years of marriage working out by passing each other as we leave for work let alone sleeping by myself. So needless to say I miss his company...
So instead of seeing my fiance like I normally would tonight. I'm living life up a bit and heading out to get dinner and play trivia with some police buds. I'm gona use this alone time and try to have fun!
God is good and I am so satisfied in Him that I know we will be able to handle anything!! I'm trying to live my life where KNOWING God is good enough without expecting or asking for any other type of blessings...Its been grand =)