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Monday, June 21, 2010


Its been so much fun remembering over these past few days and seeing all the changes in LIFE!
Last year at this time: Cindy and I were started talking about these two guys...Tim and Brian. We both had major crushes but we weren't really sure of the other person's intent, but we spent many a day giggling, dreaming, pouting, and stalking these boys on facebook because we were so enthralled by them! YEAR LATER Brian and I are about to celebrate being together for year...and Cindy's married and expecting! We have truley been rescued and captivated by honorable men of God!!
Summer is different this year. This is the first year where I've had a full time job and its hard to work in heat and on busy weekends! But I rested today on my day off and laid out in the sun for a bit to relax.
The wedding process is so slow for me! We still need to make some decisions on catering and other little things. We've been really good about saving our money and I think we will be able to have a beautiful wedding even if we are both broke!
We have started looking at apartments and town homes in the Arnold area! We are looking at furniture to buy and getting very excited about living together!

I've been occupying my time with small projects so I don't get lonely all by myself while I'm off. This past week I worked a few 12 hour days cause I have nothing else to do. When I'm married I'm sure it will be different but right now it doesn't matter cause there's no one waiting at home for me and I might as well work while I'm young.

Brian and I attended the funeral for the Maryland State Trooper who was murdered. It was the first one I've been to and it was very emotional. I was so pleased to hear that this young man who was engaged and only 24 years old....was not only my brother in blue but a brother in Christ. They presented the Gospel message at the funeral and over 6,000 people were there the majority law enforcement heard the good news! I was so honored to have been a part of the celebration of his life. I will say that I started tearing up when they were carrying his casket up the hill to his grave. We were all standing in formation and saluting him as he past by and the bag pipes and drums played the new world symphony...The words to this song are, "Going home, going home, I'm just going home, quite like, slip away, I'm just going home. Friends are there waiting there, He is waiting too...Jesus is the door.
There were people lining the streets waving and holding signs honoring the hero some held their hand over their heart. We had a large portion of the beltway shut down as miles of police cars drove to the grave site. People stopped on the opposite side of the highway to wave goodbye. As Brian and I drove to the site I was crying. I had come today to honor my brother because all police deserve a grand final farewell, but I was even more touched when the citizens of the community came out and showed respect. The fact that Marylander's cared really touched my heart. This job is so hard at times because you know the majority of the people we deal with don't like us. It was beautiful to see the few folks that do appreciate our service and Trooper Brown's ultimate sacrifice. I also got sad cause Brian and talked about if anything were to ever happen to either one of us. We know that God is in control but it is hard with this job cause you never know the danger you go into everyday.
Here's a clip of the day...
This the beginning of a final week of night work before I go to the beach with the Arnold family for a few days!!