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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring time has been great and my spirits have been lifted. I think I went through a season of depression because of different circumstances. But once I put my focus back on God and not on myself...thinking of HIS kingdom plan and my servant-hood helped me rekindle my joy in life and in my King.
It also really helped my relationship with Brian! I seem to love and cherish him more and more all the time. I told him my new favorite color is brown because its the color of his intense gorgeous eyes =) Anyways we are two little happy love birds and we are looking forward to starting our marriage counseling next week with our Pastor Max and his wife Michelle.
The house is still on the market and I'm so tired of cleaning and cleaning and can't really "live" here cause its a "show house". So Brian and I decided that we will move into our own apartment when we get married so we can start out in our own place!
Wedding planning is slow and steady. But it's so much fun and we registered at Bed Bath and Beyond. Brian was so great in choosing colors and styles for our home to be.
I'm blessed beyond measure and I can't wait for the day I can call him Husband!!!
I'm looking forward to TWO weddings this weekend!!! Its the season for new beginnings =)

Happy Ten months!!