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Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello fellow bloggers!
I'm the worst at updating...I seriously read everyone else's blogs everyday but only update mine once a month if that! That's bad...
So I'm stuck inside by myself all weekend with the storm and I'm BORED out of my mind. I'm mopey so I'm not very motivated to do anything cool and fun. I got two movies, UP and Four Chirstmases. UP was sad! haha it made me cry, but also was a very sweet story. I miss Brian and its so frustrating that I had all weekend off but he has to work all weekend and I go back to work when he gets off...ugg the down side of shift work =(
Good News:
Our Colorado trip was amazing! I want to upload my pictures but my new camera is being tricky and I haven't figured out how to do it yet.
A few weeks ago Cindy, Tim and I picked up Brian after his shift at 8 and left that night. We drove through a snow storm for a few hours in West Virginia that night. Brian was driving (after working a 12 hour shift...thats my man!) The roads were really bad and Brian saw a stranded driver that we helped push back onto the hwy. I just love how he's always looking out for others!
So then I drove the 3AM to 8AM shift and everyone fell asleep but I was determined to get us through Ohio! Our only stops were for gas and coffee...and the Mississippi Arch!!
Then we hit the 8 degrees snow storm in Kansas around midnight! I could only drive in that for an hour before getting stressed to the max! Couldn't see the road three feet in front of me driving 90 miles an hour. I called it the "Star Wars" affect cause the snow flying by you looks like your flying into hyperspace (yes I was a star wars geek). We got to Colorado 30+ hours and much coffee and beef jerky later we made it....
To be continued...