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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The reason why my blogs are so sparse and few between is because of my poor technology!
I don't have Internet or cable in my apartment! I do however get Internet through my work laptop...BUT I can't download my pictures on my work laptop and so unable to share them with you all!
I'm dreaming of the day when my COMPUTER can download and load and post great pictures and blogs with ease =)
I even wish I had one of those laptops where you could draw on the screen cause then I would draw you the picture...haha no but it might be fun.
Getting ready for the Celebration of Christ's Birth has been the best thing for our MARRIAGE!
For some reason after the wedding and our work schedules picked up our devotions went out the busy cleaning, making meals, working full time...I got so comfortable in my new life style I just didn't adjust to devotions alone or with each other!
BUT thankfully, every year growing up our mom did a Christmas devotion with us. EXCELLENT for families with little kids.
They are short sweet lessons including a bible verse, discussion time, memory verse to review, prayer, and then (my favorite part) a Christmas hymn! Its called Family Celebrations by Ann Hibbard and there are other holidays included besides Christmas =)
So now everyday this week Brian and I have taken that precious time together to read and sing with God!! The fun part about this study is a Christmas Advent Tree that you place different symbols on everyday until Christmas. I haven't made one yet this year but we'll definitely have one by the time first baby comes!
So thankful for these devotions and I'm gonna be on the search for more devotions similar to this design for us to start next year! Any ideas?
Hopefully next time there will be photos of our wedding that I can share!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We are back and married! These past few weeks have been so crazy and overwhelming and I can't believe it went by so fast. I loved preparing for the wedding, building our sign, our wedding programs, stuffing the cookie favors, arranging our flowers and celebrating with our friends and family!

Walking down the aisle to the man of my dreams and who captured my heart with his love was breath taking! He started crying (slightly in a manly way) when he saw me and I couldn't stop smiling!! Hearing him pledge his life to me and say the vows with such confidence and authority made my heart jump! Marriage is truly the best gift God has given us (besides eternal life ;)

I'll update on the honeymoon adventures next time =)

I'm hoping to get better at blogging! Not having a real Internet connection makes it hard...

OK its Sunday time to get ready to worship!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Witherspoon no more...

This is my last week to be a Witherspoon! Oh wow how things have changed! Its such an emotional time...girls dream about their wedding day their entire lives and now here I am!
I'm so excited to be a wife...especially Brian's WIFE!

Its been so busy with details that I put off until now...but my faithful bridesmaids are keeping me on track! I can't wait to share all the pictures from this wonderful celebration!

This picture was taken before we were dating. We went on a camping trip with another couple. We both liked each other but hadn't said anything yet...This is us just relaxing and talking. I took every opportunity to ask him questions and listen to his stories because I wanted to know everything I could about this Brian Arnold!

I love where God has brought us!

We got amazing engagement pictures taken by Mandy Sroka! They were so much fun posing for =)

So happy and trilled to be at this time in life right now...What a good God we have!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time goes by so slowly....and time can do SO much!

I have loved this summer! I was able to go on two different short vacations to meet Brian's extended family! Wish I could post pictures...
So just imagine this... I went to Cape May New Jersey and laid out in the sun for four days! Ate, drank, laughed, and most importantly RELAXED!
Then this past weekend we went to West Virgina to meet the other side of the family! I went with Brian and my new Dad and they took the opportunity to use this as a mans weekend. Fishing, bow practice, and scanning for hunting spots were a few of the fun things. I did play football and tackled Brian a few times =) I feel like I'm marrying a warrior! I loved watching him shoot his bow...haha I'll stop swooning

People change is about to come! I feel like I'm on the edge of the diving board just waiting to dive in! For real I'm getting married in 95 days, packing away my childhood home, moving for the first time in my life, going to be an Auntie, and adjusting to having a relationship with a night owl...aka Officer Arnold who is working MIDNIGHTS!
I'm a little nervous about being able to have a normal relationship. At this point we don't see each other hardly at all. When I work he's asleep and the opposites the same for me. The most interaction is phone calls but one of us always is working so the police dispatcher is always present in our conversations... haha sorry honey gotta go someones getting robbed.
This is not how I planned our first few years of marriage working out by passing each other as we leave for work let alone sleeping by myself. So needless to say I miss his company...
So instead of seeing my fiance like I normally would tonight. I'm living life up a bit and heading out to get dinner and play trivia with some police buds. I'm gona use this alone time and try to have fun!
God is good and I am so satisfied in Him that I know we will be able to handle anything!! I'm trying to live my life where KNOWING God is good enough without expecting or asking for any other type of blessings...Its been grand =)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Its been so much fun remembering over these past few days and seeing all the changes in LIFE!
Last year at this time: Cindy and I were started talking about these two guys...Tim and Brian. We both had major crushes but we weren't really sure of the other person's intent, but we spent many a day giggling, dreaming, pouting, and stalking these boys on facebook because we were so enthralled by them! YEAR LATER Brian and I are about to celebrate being together for year...and Cindy's married and expecting! We have truley been rescued and captivated by honorable men of God!!
Summer is different this year. This is the first year where I've had a full time job and its hard to work in heat and on busy weekends! But I rested today on my day off and laid out in the sun for a bit to relax.
The wedding process is so slow for me! We still need to make some decisions on catering and other little things. We've been really good about saving our money and I think we will be able to have a beautiful wedding even if we are both broke!
We have started looking at apartments and town homes in the Arnold area! We are looking at furniture to buy and getting very excited about living together!

I've been occupying my time with small projects so I don't get lonely all by myself while I'm off. This past week I worked a few 12 hour days cause I have nothing else to do. When I'm married I'm sure it will be different but right now it doesn't matter cause there's no one waiting at home for me and I might as well work while I'm young.

Brian and I attended the funeral for the Maryland State Trooper who was murdered. It was the first one I've been to and it was very emotional. I was so pleased to hear that this young man who was engaged and only 24 years old....was not only my brother in blue but a brother in Christ. They presented the Gospel message at the funeral and over 6,000 people were there the majority law enforcement heard the good news! I was so honored to have been a part of the celebration of his life. I will say that I started tearing up when they were carrying his casket up the hill to his grave. We were all standing in formation and saluting him as he past by and the bag pipes and drums played the new world symphony...The words to this song are, "Going home, going home, I'm just going home, quite like, slip away, I'm just going home. Friends are there waiting there, He is waiting too...Jesus is the door.
There were people lining the streets waving and holding signs honoring the hero some held their hand over their heart. We had a large portion of the beltway shut down as miles of police cars drove to the grave site. People stopped on the opposite side of the highway to wave goodbye. As Brian and I drove to the site I was crying. I had come today to honor my brother because all police deserve a grand final farewell, but I was even more touched when the citizens of the community came out and showed respect. The fact that Marylander's cared really touched my heart. This job is so hard at times because you know the majority of the people we deal with don't like us. It was beautiful to see the few folks that do appreciate our service and Trooper Brown's ultimate sacrifice. I also got sad cause Brian and talked about if anything were to ever happen to either one of us. We know that God is in control but it is hard with this job cause you never know the danger you go into everyday.
Here's a clip of the day...
This the beginning of a final week of night work before I go to the beach with the Arnold family for a few days!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring time has been great and my spirits have been lifted. I think I went through a season of depression because of different circumstances. But once I put my focus back on God and not on myself...thinking of HIS kingdom plan and my servant-hood helped me rekindle my joy in life and in my King.
It also really helped my relationship with Brian! I seem to love and cherish him more and more all the time. I told him my new favorite color is brown because its the color of his intense gorgeous eyes =) Anyways we are two little happy love birds and we are looking forward to starting our marriage counseling next week with our Pastor Max and his wife Michelle.
The house is still on the market and I'm so tired of cleaning and cleaning and can't really "live" here cause its a "show house". So Brian and I decided that we will move into our own apartment when we get married so we can start out in our own place!
Wedding planning is slow and steady. But it's so much fun and we registered at Bed Bath and Beyond. Brian was so great in choosing colors and styles for our home to be.
I'm blessed beyond measure and I can't wait for the day I can call him Husband!!!
I'm looking forward to TWO weddings this weekend!!! Its the season for new beginnings =)

Happy Ten months!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Brian's FIANCE!

I was wondering what to post today...then I remembered that I haven't shared my engagement story!!
A month ago, we went up to Philadelphia PA where is grandparents live. We had 3 and 1/2 days off together to relax. Brian used to go to school up there so he was excited to show me his old stomping grounds.
On Friday morning right as I began to wake up, he peaked his head into my room and he had the biggest cutest smile on his face. Little did I know the surprise he had planned later that day. I'll never forget that face =)
So we decided to go into Philly on the train and do some sight seeing (HE HAD PLANNED THIS ALL ALONG) BUT he didn't plan the cold windy rain that we got all weekend, thank goodness grammy convinced us to bring an umbrella! Here's us on the train:

We walked around as best we could, cuddled under our umbrella and dodging puddles.
We stopped into a tavern that claimed to have the best cheese steaks in town...they were pretty good but probably not the best by far haha
We got a drink while we were there. I love this picture for two reasons. First because its a great image of Brian. He's such a character and his personality always keeps me laughing. He's making that face because he hates the Eagles and he knows I love them, they're my team =)
That's the other reason why I love this story is because Brian choose to propose to me in a city he knows I love!! He's so good at loving!!

So after lunch Brian wanted to walk to the LOVE statue...this is where Brian had planned to confess his love to me =)

The storm was so awful and we were both soaked and the statue was 20 blocks away so we decided to head back to our train. Meanwhile Brian is heart broken because his whole reason for splashing around this city today was to propose at that spot which now wasn't going to happen. I'm completely happy though having spent a fun adventurous day with Brian. So we're snuggling on a bench in the train station and he asked me if I could have anything to make me happy what would it be? I said honey just sitting here with you is the best thing and all I need! He said, "Well I got something that can make you a little bit happier". He got down on one knee and presented a true treasure to me asking him to marry me. He was a little choked up and I was completely speechless...could only say YES and OOOO BRIAN!!!! haha we both were so caught up in the moment and then started laughing and crying we were so happy =) I wanted to announce to the whole subway that I was engaged but I didn't haha... We were so distracted that we missed our train!

So we walked around the city and it STOPPED raining! Brian took this awesome picture:

The next day we walked around his old school campus which to me looked like cruelella devils mansion from 101 Dalmations haha I would have loved to go to school here...or evening have the wedding here.

We worked on a puzzle with grammy and pappy and listened to Abba while we worked! You know your grandparents are cool when they have Abba! haha So excited to have this new family =)

Then we headed back home...planning and dreaming of what our wedding and marriage is going to be like =) I'm the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. Look at what our Father has blessed us with!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I still don't know how to upload my pictures (gona have to go to my moms house for help) and I'm still too busy to blog on a regular basis.
I feel so often I have many expectations of what I want my life to look like...but what do I find instead. Days and days of wasted time and energy and not really accomplishing much.
I've found myself stuck in a whirl wind of an ever changing schedule that rarely allows me to see my friends or family or go to church. Yes I do still see Brian... but like for example its been three days since we've hungout and all I can do is chill at home for a few hours in the morning by myself before I work my shift all night. I'm waiting for the warm weather so I can do yard work and start house projects while I'm alone. Little sister is moving out in 20 days. CANT WAIT FOR THEIR WEDDING it will be amazing. But I'm gona miss that girl!
Anyways is there a slight discontent...yes...
I'm still adjusting to the profession I've chosen...they told us in the academy it was a life style because its really an almost 24/7 job. Now that I have my very own cruiser...I'm "on duty" even if I'm driving around "off duty" haha. I still love it! Just adjusting to all the changes that are taking place =)
Needing prayer for motivation and energy to live a life outside of my uniform...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello fellow bloggers!
I'm the worst at updating...I seriously read everyone else's blogs everyday but only update mine once a month if that! That's bad...
So I'm stuck inside by myself all weekend with the storm and I'm BORED out of my mind. I'm mopey so I'm not very motivated to do anything cool and fun. I got two movies, UP and Four Chirstmases. UP was sad! haha it made me cry, but also was a very sweet story. I miss Brian and its so frustrating that I had all weekend off but he has to work all weekend and I go back to work when he gets off...ugg the down side of shift work =(
Good News:
Our Colorado trip was amazing! I want to upload my pictures but my new camera is being tricky and I haven't figured out how to do it yet.
A few weeks ago Cindy, Tim and I picked up Brian after his shift at 8 and left that night. We drove through a snow storm for a few hours in West Virginia that night. Brian was driving (after working a 12 hour shift...thats my man!) The roads were really bad and Brian saw a stranded driver that we helped push back onto the hwy. I just love how he's always looking out for others!
So then I drove the 3AM to 8AM shift and everyone fell asleep but I was determined to get us through Ohio! Our only stops were for gas and coffee...and the Mississippi Arch!!
Then we hit the 8 degrees snow storm in Kansas around midnight! I could only drive in that for an hour before getting stressed to the max! Couldn't see the road three feet in front of me driving 90 miles an hour. I called it the "Star Wars" affect cause the snow flying by you looks like your flying into hyperspace (yes I was a star wars geek). We got to Colorado 30+ hours and much coffee and beef jerky later we made it....
To be continued...

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Beginnings!

I'm so excited for a new year! Everything is changing...
LITTLE SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED! She and her fiance Tim (Love him!) are getting married in March.

They got some wedding planning supplies for presents!

Lost my room mate/companion/dog...Maggie May. We found out on Christmas she had cancer and she died three days later...I'm very lonely now and the house is so quiet. Miss her company and furry hugs and kisses. Maggie and Aspen puppy...

Christmas was different but still wonderful. Janet and Keith came and Tim stayed for the week too! We had a great family time with lots of laughs =)
I did have to work 12 hours on Christmas day but that comes with the job...
I worked through the blizzard a few weeks ago. We called out the National Guard to drive us around in their Humvees to get through the snow which was awesome!

I don't know if you all get tired of seeing these pictures of me and Brian but seriously.... I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY! And I want everyone to know!

First Christmas and New Years we've ever had somebody special to celebrate with...

We are getting ready for a road trip to Colorado to see my family tomorrow!!! We are driving my car (Roadie) and are so looking forward to getting away from schedules and work. Haven't had a break from the police atmosphere for almost 10 months.
Ready for the mountains...