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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have always loved fall the most out of all the seasons. Its the combination between the beautiful colors and cool temperatures that get me excited for the winter season. Most recently I've really been able to connect with this season because as the leaves change colors, I've seen so much positive change in my life. Like wise just as the leaves are are some of my worst sins that I've carried around for years. Most recently I've been learning how to truly love people (mostly my family and my dad). Its time I stop looking to my own selfish desires and purposefully take actions to serve others and be willing to put my desires aside. God has made some great strides in these regards in my life and I'm so excited to finally start the healing process and be rid of this sin!! Feeling renewed and restored...and so glad to be open before God, needing Him.
GOOD NEWS! My dad finally decided to lower the price on our's now at $349,000.00! Its much more likely it will sell now...time to start looking for a new place! This is one of my favorite views from my house, I love the big bay window and the Dogwood tree changing colors. I'll miss this home...Spoon Hill will not easily be forgotten.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What do you say to taking chances...

My new favorite show to watch on HULU (my online TV) is Glee! The music is always inspiring and epic...and its a pretty cute drama with some ridiculous characters.

I haven't updated in months but I'm very faithful is following everyone else's blogs daily! It's so encouraging to read these stories about how faithful God is in our it, thanks friends!

So my life has been dominated by two things...not hard to guess...yeah...Brain and work haha! But both things take a lot of time and energy. I'm proud to say that Brian is officially on his own and is daily impressing me and his supervisors with his hard work and dedication to this job. I'll be off my field training in a few weeks and then the real learning begins...cause I'll be all by myself! Its an exciting feeling! I've been getting into some crazy stuff and dealing with the most broken of people. But I'm also daily reminded of the price Jesus had to pay to save my wretched self and so I take those uncomfortable experiences with these people and bring it back to God and focus on his plan for redemption for this very VERY fallen world. Its a beautiful reminder...I'm so blessed to have this job.
House is still on the market and it feels like I'll never have to move...All in God's timing.
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving because I took some time off and I'm even more excited about my sister and brother in law coming up for Christmas with their new puppy! Family times are rare and sweet!!

Three months...