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Monday, August 24, 2009

New Life!

"I'm gona yell from the roof top
I'll wear a sign on my chest 
It's the least I can's the least I can do..."

FRIENDS AND FAMILY I'M BACK! I'm officially graduated and I'm so excited to be a blogger now that I have my life back.  There is so much to tell!  
The first being that I HAVE AN AMAZING BOYFRIEND!!  Woohoo finally said it!  See it creates some issues when you are dating someone in your recruit class...mainly trying to keep it a secret from my class and instructors.  I didn't want them to think I was treating the academy like and I certainly wanted to maintain the professional environment.  So we've been keeping it a secret for a month and now thank goodness I can tell people!  haha it was so hard to go to work everyday and treat him like just another guy and not smile or talk to him...We showed SO MUCH self discipline!  Oh yeah his name is Brian Arnold and he is the man of my dreams =)
We also graduated and are Police Officers!  I'm so proud of us both!
I'm with the Anne Arundel Police Department and Brian's with City of Bowie
Best Friends!

This was the happiest/proudest moment of my "career life"  (because Brian's given me my happiest moments to this point in my life)  My chief pinned on my badge and told me that he noticed my shining face and wants me to always keep smiling and never loose that in the job!  Wow most humbling experience...I'm so proud to be working for such an outstanding commander.
I also bought myself a car! We are going to have so many adventures together =)
Its a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT. I bought a new car because Cindy really needed a new car because her old clunker was not going to be able to make her commute everyday and so I surprised her and gave her mine.  God had given me that car and so I thought it was fitting I give it to someone else =)

So much has been happening and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have such a good job, a loving Godly man, a new car, and so much to be thankful for!!