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Friday, June 19, 2009

HEY! I wish I could be a more faithful "blogger"like some of my friends...I love to admirer other people's blog pages...especially the ones who are so amazing with photography. I love the beautiful pictures of such happy lives. But my blog will never be anything unless I update a little more. haha

So my life is always consumed with my new job with the police department. It's changed me as a person because of the intense training I've gone through. I've modified the way that I drive, speak, stand, look, act, and I tend to find myself going over "what ifs" in my practice how I would respond to situations. So needless to say it's consumed me and I find it hard to maintain a social life and healthy outlets to relieve stress and the pressure. It definitely takes a toll on you physically, mentally, emotionally...and spiritually. But I realized awhile back ago how police work is so similar to the life that God wants us to be living. As an Officer you are a servant to the public, protect and fight against evil and uphold all the good and noble qualities of life such as integrity, accountability, responsibility, professionalism, and servant hood. All those traits are similar to how God desires us to act, servants to His kingdom, hating evil and being actively engaged in the fight for His kingdom and purposes and being the Godly example and the light for those to see by living in a manner worthy of our king. Not sure if I exactly matched all those accurately enough for you all but you get my point.
I've been longing to get away and go on vacation these past few weeks cause its summer but I don't get a vacation. I just dream of being at my family's cabin (with all my family) and I'm hoping to go in a few months at the first chance I get! So I'm persevering though these past few months.
Our great house is still for sale and I still don't know where I'll go next. I've been here for 23 years so its almost impossible to imagine someday I'll be forced to leave my home. All I know is I need a place with a yard for all the animals.
On a more exciting note...CINDY TURNED 21!! So we had a little crabs and beer to celebrate =)Crabs Soooo gooood!!!

Birthday girl got some wonderful presents including a Bosch mixer and Martha Steward Craft Dictionary...she'll be cooking and making herself into a domesticated frenzy!
Birthday cupcakes with designs like a "21" or a "C" accidentally added an extra stick of butter haha really rich and tasty. This is the beginning of my cake decoration destiny. I have a small obsession with cakes...especially wedding cakes =)

And finally this week has been SO refreshing because my older sister came out and the three of us have been reunited! Love my sisters...