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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sometimes I have fun...

Certain people like to refer to me as a robot (Arrested Development quote). That's mostly because I work so much and seem to find chores and jobs "fun". But I'm not always a "robot" this weekend I was able to let my hair down and enjoy myself. The academy has been very demanding (as it should be!) and family relationships are all challenging...So I welcome the times I get to laugh and smile! This is a picture of some of the recruits and myself celebrating one of their Birthdays. We are slowly becoming like a family =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Start of Something Grand

Dear friends and family! Welcome to my blog! I love reading my friends blogs and I decided to join the group. This is my life...enjoy!
January started an entire new chapter of life for my family and I. It started out by finally graduating! Yay! University of Baltimore thanks for the good times, education, and long traffic jams. And I made it out of the city for the past three years without ever having my life threatened which is great. My school is in the background of the picture (cute shoes Cindy!)
I then quit my job of 5 YEARS (that's a long time for my age I feel!) at the school I had been working at and I gave my goodbyes and hugs and left all the sweet adorable hilarious children...some whom were like my little brothers and sisters.That was the best job I'll ever have because, one, I worked with my sister Cindy and we were able to be with each other all the time! Two, I had an amazing co-worker and became awesome friend for life. Three because I got paid to play and run around with tons of great kids and youth (I love throwing around the football and talking about life with them!). And I spent every morning of the past five years playing dodge good! Why would I quit the best job ever you ask? Because I had a calling...

My entire life has changed! I'm now Police (or at least in the process of attempting to be)...a part of an elite group. I'm still adjusting to these changes in my life and its even hard to know exactly what has happen but it's good. Inspection... This picture is of one of the previous classes. I stood in that class leader position up in front (where that guy in the foreground is standing) while I was acting class charge of all those recruits who stand behind you. Learning how to lead and call the appropriate commands took me awhile but I eventually learned after about 1000 push ups later. That was a demanding position and I'm relieved to be Assistnat Class leader now. And let me point out the wonderful Drill Instructor (DI) who's inspecting the recruit with the flag. Let me just say that sometimes we're afraid of them...haha! It's also funny because in these past few weeks when I've been in change of inspecting squads, I was given the nickname, DI Witherspoon. I guess I picked up on the small things that the DIs do and I'm somewhat strict...haha I'm just trying to do my job! We all still love each other though. Can't share too much about what goes on behind those gates...for police personnel only =)
But know that I LOVE my job. Even in the midst of the long physically demanding hours and difficult things that are expected from me...I absolutely love training to be the best and I know I have crazy and exciting things waiting for me when I graduate. I no longer have the mindset of "IF I get in a fight, or IF this happens", it's now, "WHEN I get in a fight, or WHEN this happens".

Life is amazing friends...enjoy these precious days and rejoice that God has made our hearts new and open to Him. Have a Happy Resurrection Weekend!!