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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have always loved fall the most out of all the seasons. Its the combination between the beautiful colors and cool temperatures that get me excited for the winter season. Most recently I've really been able to connect with this season because as the leaves change colors, I've seen so much positive change in my life. Like wise just as the leaves are are some of my worst sins that I've carried around for years. Most recently I've been learning how to truly love people (mostly my family and my dad). Its time I stop looking to my own selfish desires and purposefully take actions to serve others and be willing to put my desires aside. God has made some great strides in these regards in my life and I'm so excited to finally start the healing process and be rid of this sin!! Feeling renewed and restored...and so glad to be open before God, needing Him.
GOOD NEWS! My dad finally decided to lower the price on our's now at $349,000.00! Its much more likely it will sell now...time to start looking for a new place! This is one of my favorite views from my house, I love the big bay window and the Dogwood tree changing colors. I'll miss this home...Spoon Hill will not easily be forgotten.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What do you say to taking chances...

My new favorite show to watch on HULU (my online TV) is Glee! The music is always inspiring and epic...and its a pretty cute drama with some ridiculous characters.

I haven't updated in months but I'm very faithful is following everyone else's blogs daily! It's so encouraging to read these stories about how faithful God is in our it, thanks friends!

So my life has been dominated by two things...not hard to guess...yeah...Brain and work haha! But both things take a lot of time and energy. I'm proud to say that Brian is officially on his own and is daily impressing me and his supervisors with his hard work and dedication to this job. I'll be off my field training in a few weeks and then the real learning begins...cause I'll be all by myself! Its an exciting feeling! I've been getting into some crazy stuff and dealing with the most broken of people. But I'm also daily reminded of the price Jesus had to pay to save my wretched self and so I take those uncomfortable experiences with these people and bring it back to God and focus on his plan for redemption for this very VERY fallen world. Its a beautiful reminder...I'm so blessed to have this job.
House is still on the market and it feels like I'll never have to move...All in God's timing.
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving because I took some time off and I'm even more excited about my sister and brother in law coming up for Christmas with their new puppy! Family times are rare and sweet!!

Three months...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Such is life...

Last few weeks have been really challenging. Its taken me awhile to get used to my new schedule which is always changing from week to week. Every other week switches from nights to day work and so my body has been trying to adjust to sleep schedules. The practical hands on part of the job has been really exciting to learn. There is SO SO SO much to still learn and I find myself feeling frustrated and inadequate when I mess things up. There's a reason police do things a certain way and most of the time its because it will keep them alive and give them one up on the bad guy. I'm finding that this job is very consuming and its all I really have time and energy to do at this point. Not only am I trying to get used to my schedule but also Brian's because he works almost opposite of everything I do. So we see each other whenever time permits...(feeling sorry for myself will be four days before our schedules clear up again and we can haha) I do not know how military wives handle not seeing their significant others for months on end...I can't imagine (you girls have got some strength!!)

Its been so much fun when I have had the chance to hangout with my family! Last weekend we had our Mom and Craig, Brian and me, and Cindy and Tim over for dinner! My little sister is dating this outstanding young man who is absolutely hilarious and charming and they match together perfectly. It is so much fun to have these boys around. And its such a new thing for Cindy and I to be experiencing...we're like wow these guys actually like being around us and they're fun to be with! Anyways its so special for my sis and I to be going through this together and when we see each other we're like giddy little school girls as we share our stories about our boys =) So life is good...
What Brian and I have been up too...
A few weeks ago he helped me buy my new car cause I was CLUELESS about everything!
He fixed my old car so it would work for Cindy

I was able to take off one day so we could go to the beach! We went to Bethany and Rehobeth and relaxed, swam, played football, games, water/sand fights, ate seafood and absolutely enjoyed the entire day!

We were like kids again (a nice break form the police setting) and built a sand castle...don't mind my ocean drowned hair
PS Hurricane Danny was off the coast and the waves were so intense and I was nervous to go in...I've been rescued once already by OC life guards in the past (haha!)...but Brian really wanted to go in so I reluctantly joined, fortunately he kept me alive and from being washed away...thanks!
Sand creations of Turtle and Bunny

Life is good today...

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Life!

"I'm gona yell from the roof top
I'll wear a sign on my chest 
It's the least I can's the least I can do..."

FRIENDS AND FAMILY I'M BACK! I'm officially graduated and I'm so excited to be a blogger now that I have my life back.  There is so much to tell!  
The first being that I HAVE AN AMAZING BOYFRIEND!!  Woohoo finally said it!  See it creates some issues when you are dating someone in your recruit class...mainly trying to keep it a secret from my class and instructors.  I didn't want them to think I was treating the academy like and I certainly wanted to maintain the professional environment.  So we've been keeping it a secret for a month and now thank goodness I can tell people!  haha it was so hard to go to work everyday and treat him like just another guy and not smile or talk to him...We showed SO MUCH self discipline!  Oh yeah his name is Brian Arnold and he is the man of my dreams =)
We also graduated and are Police Officers!  I'm so proud of us both!
I'm with the Anne Arundel Police Department and Brian's with City of Bowie
Best Friends!

This was the happiest/proudest moment of my "career life"  (because Brian's given me my happiest moments to this point in my life)  My chief pinned on my badge and told me that he noticed my shining face and wants me to always keep smiling and never loose that in the job!  Wow most humbling experience...I'm so proud to be working for such an outstanding commander.
I also bought myself a car! We are going to have so many adventures together =)
Its a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT. I bought a new car because Cindy really needed a new car because her old clunker was not going to be able to make her commute everyday and so I surprised her and gave her mine.  God had given me that car and so I thought it was fitting I give it to someone else =)

So much has been happening and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have such a good job, a loving Godly man, a new car, and so much to be thankful for!!  

Friday, June 19, 2009

HEY! I wish I could be a more faithful "blogger"like some of my friends...I love to admirer other people's blog pages...especially the ones who are so amazing with photography. I love the beautiful pictures of such happy lives. But my blog will never be anything unless I update a little more. haha

So my life is always consumed with my new job with the police department. It's changed me as a person because of the intense training I've gone through. I've modified the way that I drive, speak, stand, look, act, and I tend to find myself going over "what ifs" in my practice how I would respond to situations. So needless to say it's consumed me and I find it hard to maintain a social life and healthy outlets to relieve stress and the pressure. It definitely takes a toll on you physically, mentally, emotionally...and spiritually. But I realized awhile back ago how police work is so similar to the life that God wants us to be living. As an Officer you are a servant to the public, protect and fight against evil and uphold all the good and noble qualities of life such as integrity, accountability, responsibility, professionalism, and servant hood. All those traits are similar to how God desires us to act, servants to His kingdom, hating evil and being actively engaged in the fight for His kingdom and purposes and being the Godly example and the light for those to see by living in a manner worthy of our king. Not sure if I exactly matched all those accurately enough for you all but you get my point.
I've been longing to get away and go on vacation these past few weeks cause its summer but I don't get a vacation. I just dream of being at my family's cabin (with all my family) and I'm hoping to go in a few months at the first chance I get! So I'm persevering though these past few months.
Our great house is still for sale and I still don't know where I'll go next. I've been here for 23 years so its almost impossible to imagine someday I'll be forced to leave my home. All I know is I need a place with a yard for all the animals.
On a more exciting note...CINDY TURNED 21!! So we had a little crabs and beer to celebrate =)Crabs Soooo gooood!!!

Birthday girl got some wonderful presents including a Bosch mixer and Martha Steward Craft Dictionary...she'll be cooking and making herself into a domesticated frenzy!
Birthday cupcakes with designs like a "21" or a "C" accidentally added an extra stick of butter haha really rich and tasty. This is the beginning of my cake decoration destiny. I have a small obsession with cakes...especially wedding cakes =)

And finally this week has been SO refreshing because my older sister came out and the three of us have been reunited! Love my sisters...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sometimes I have fun...

Certain people like to refer to me as a robot (Arrested Development quote). That's mostly because I work so much and seem to find chores and jobs "fun". But I'm not always a "robot" this weekend I was able to let my hair down and enjoy myself. The academy has been very demanding (as it should be!) and family relationships are all challenging...So I welcome the times I get to laugh and smile! This is a picture of some of the recruits and myself celebrating one of their Birthdays. We are slowly becoming like a family =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Start of Something Grand

Dear friends and family! Welcome to my blog! I love reading my friends blogs and I decided to join the group. This is my life...enjoy!
January started an entire new chapter of life for my family and I. It started out by finally graduating! Yay! University of Baltimore thanks for the good times, education, and long traffic jams. And I made it out of the city for the past three years without ever having my life threatened which is great. My school is in the background of the picture (cute shoes Cindy!)
I then quit my job of 5 YEARS (that's a long time for my age I feel!) at the school I had been working at and I gave my goodbyes and hugs and left all the sweet adorable hilarious children...some whom were like my little brothers and sisters.That was the best job I'll ever have because, one, I worked with my sister Cindy and we were able to be with each other all the time! Two, I had an amazing co-worker and became awesome friend for life. Three because I got paid to play and run around with tons of great kids and youth (I love throwing around the football and talking about life with them!). And I spent every morning of the past five years playing dodge good! Why would I quit the best job ever you ask? Because I had a calling...

My entire life has changed! I'm now Police (or at least in the process of attempting to be)...a part of an elite group. I'm still adjusting to these changes in my life and its even hard to know exactly what has happen but it's good. Inspection... This picture is of one of the previous classes. I stood in that class leader position up in front (where that guy in the foreground is standing) while I was acting class charge of all those recruits who stand behind you. Learning how to lead and call the appropriate commands took me awhile but I eventually learned after about 1000 push ups later. That was a demanding position and I'm relieved to be Assistnat Class leader now. And let me point out the wonderful Drill Instructor (DI) who's inspecting the recruit with the flag. Let me just say that sometimes we're afraid of them...haha! It's also funny because in these past few weeks when I've been in change of inspecting squads, I was given the nickname, DI Witherspoon. I guess I picked up on the small things that the DIs do and I'm somewhat strict...haha I'm just trying to do my job! We all still love each other though. Can't share too much about what goes on behind those gates...for police personnel only =)
But know that I LOVE my job. Even in the midst of the long physically demanding hours and difficult things that are expected from me...I absolutely love training to be the best and I know I have crazy and exciting things waiting for me when I graduate. I no longer have the mindset of "IF I get in a fight, or IF this happens", it's now, "WHEN I get in a fight, or WHEN this happens".

Life is amazing friends...enjoy these precious days and rejoice that God has made our hearts new and open to Him. Have a Happy Resurrection Weekend!!